Random Rose: Exterminate! Exterminate!

A while ago I had a meal with a friend and her model-like 17 year old daughter. Laughingly, we discussed Ms E’s latest ideological position, which differs from Hitler’s mainly in the breadth of the extermination plan (she has no particular beef with Jews, but would like to sweep a third of the world’s population away on the grounds that they’re surplus to requirements).

‘That seems a little harsh,’ I said.

‘Not really,’ she says, ‘I don’t like people. I’d much rather people die than animals! Besides, there’s no room for all these humans, we’re killing the planet.’

Green Nazism? I know what she means, I don’t much like people either sometimes, especially compared to my dogs who are just the loveliest beings (apart from my kids) that I know. But still..

Besides, adds Ms E, why SHOULD we respect life? It’s nothing special. Death isn’t THAT amazing. And that’s true too – if you’re not the one dying, or if they’re no particular friend of yours.  Only, a society that has no particular value for life, has no particular value for YOUR life, and that could be a problem, for those of us who’re enjoying our little sojourn here (which may include Ms E).

The thing is, Ms E and her ilk (which kind of includes my own Mr F, who’s perhaps a little less bloodthirsty but much more capitalist) have everything a teenager could want – but not a lot of compassion, strangely.  You have to hope that fellow-feeling develops later, along with cellulite and body hair.

Just a little note to end with: both Ms E and Mr F are delightful young humans.  They just like to mouth off sometimes.  


  1. I think compassion sometimes takes a hit in the teenage years, but it’s usually still there, hiding beneath grunts and don’t-you-know-anything eyerolls, only to resurface at a later date.

  2. Smiling … and NOT done reading. Green Nazism? The New Deal.

    Yes, I agree body fat and body hair, a mustache for Ms. E will take some of the air out of her head.

    This sounds more like teenage, “DUH”. I’m sure Ms. E appreciates HER life … and, as you say, let’s hope she gathers a little compassion for a few other individuals.

    Hey, i’m impressed you like your children more than your dogs. But then again, Mel is childless … a little Grown – up “DUH”! xx

  3. There are WAY too many people on the planet already. But who would one get rid of? Rich people and rappers (calm down, everyone, rappers of ANY color), of course, but who else? Of course, the answer really is birth control. The U.S. would be better to take the money it borrows from China and finance contraception across the world, rather than blow up everyone that plots our demise, along with their innocent bystanders. If Miss E were to sit down and talk to any one in the world, she would see the good in all (except for the obviously evil psychopathic ones, of course) and wouldn’t want her plan carried out. If I were to talk to the average rapper, I would find they are fine people, most likely, and would excuse them for inflicting those awful sounds on us. Now Lady Gaga, though, she should just live on her past earnings and just be quiet the rest of her life.
    Sorry to try to hijack this post, Rose, with a long comment; I’m just having some fun. Always a pleasure to read you. Green Nazism, indeed!

    1. Yes well I was just thinking last night how many people would be dead now if I had an exterminate button on my finger (one that couldn’t be traced to me, I’d just wiggle it and whoever it was would fall down dead). For a start, the stupid golfing nazi that shouted at me yesterday cause my dog went in the golf lake (after all the golfers had gone off the course – he was just drinking on the terrace). The poor guy would have been pfft dead!


  4. I didn’t like people much when I was a teenager either. I thought animals were much nicer people to be around. Today, with a little maturity (and plumpness) under my belt, I like people much better (allowing them their human vices and virtues), and I love animals even more than I did then…
    I guess what I’m saying is; there is hope for Ms E and Mr F. Now; if only we can get through weddings, births and deaths with sanity intact; we’ll all give in to the inevitable compromise of life…!

    1. Yep, I don’t think we need to take teenagers’ views as necessarily set in stone. I used to be a big pain in the arse when I was one (come to think of it, errrm..).


  5. surplus to requirements, Green Nazism, and death…don’t think I’ve read a better post in some time. Its always a pleasure to come and visit your site, and i will hope that finger of yours never becomes energized…that could really be something. I could see the headlines and hear the newscasters on tv now…just thinking, i would take out those talking heads FIRST!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. You don’t need a death finger to kill talking heads, though, all you need to do is get really active trolling on twitter, apparently (is it wrong to say that? probably).


  6. After reading this I have sat here trying to think of what I would say to someone who speaks of killing so easily. First I was angry, then sad, now I’m simply disgusted. Being young is not an excuse. These are the ideas of people who have no compassion for others. And are a prime example of why the world is in such a pathetic state. The maturity level seems about the same to me.

    1. I think when you’re a teenager (and often when you’re an adult too) it’s easy to generalise about large issues without actually visualising the effect on real people. There ARE too many people on this earth – if we were any other species, we’d be defined as in plague proportions (only it’s us that do the defining). People like Ms E and Mr F have no power to implement their ideas whatsoever, and probably never will have. Even if they had, they wouldn’t – talking about how there needs to be a major purge of humankind is very different to pushing the button or sprinkling the anthrax or whatever. In daily life they’re quite kind people (for teenagers). When you think of military strategists or war time politicians, though, deaths seem to mean little to them in the larger scheme of things – take the deaths in the trenches in the first world war, say. Somebody thought it was worth it.


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