Rose’s Reviews: Room 317


By Richard Voza, otherwise known as Brainsnorts.  Some female authors sell books simply by being bootylicious on the front (or back) cover.  This is not Brainsnorts’ claim to fame (although it well could be).

Room 317 is about a nice guy and gifted teacher who stuffs up (and is stuffed up by others) and ends up on a bus to LA where he is going to kindly relieve the US government of the burden of his life.

John Page is clearly a bit of alright, confident with women, charming, and nifty with the karate kicks.  On top of all this, he likes to be helpful and kind.  But, like so many nice and not so nice guys, he’s fallen foul of the old ‘now we’re divorced you’ll never see your kids again and by the way can I have the house and three quarters of your pay check’ gambit.  Plus he’s on the cusp of being registered as a sex offender.

On the bus, he meets a woman and a child and forms a bond with them.  He also notices a few odd things going on, and it’s the odd things that finally lead to Room 317 and a change of heart.

I liked this book.  It kept me interested.  John Page wasn’t quite as white as the driven snow, but I felt sorry for and kind of charmed by him.  What I was left with was a sense of how important it is to have someone to love and protect in life, and how small envies, spites and deceits can bring down lives to the point of suicide.  John Page is kind of like Batman but with added decency and a touch of sweetness – and without the Bat Cape.

Richard’s also doing a project on real life cheaters, so if you are one, and feel like explaining yourself, you should get in touch with him.



  1. I love short book reviews! (From the woman who gets headaches after 20 minutes of reading) 😉

    I also enjoy hearing positive things about books, unless of course they’re tripe .. then, well, i think you would be able to make the review (at least) funny, and not nasty. xx

    1. I like short things too. Talking about which, I read that book by the Cambodian woman you suggested – just awful, but wonderful that she’s rescuing those people. Hmm, yes, I have read a few things I’ve thought were not at all good, but I can’t really review them, because what could I say that wouldn’t sound like I was taking the piss?


  2. I love your voice, Rose. Even when you’re writing a book review, there’s that humourous edge to your work. Really. Is there any kind of writing you’re not good at??

    1. I’m not as good a poet as Seb or Holly. I think there must be, yes, but I don’t write that kind of writing, so I don’t show myself up! But you’re pretty good yourself, Sally!


    1. Dear Noelene’s sister, there’s no such thing as a right of reply, really, and can you please go away? I’m not a court and I’m not sitting in judgement on you, so you don’t have to convince me one way or the other.


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