Another stunningly well put together poem by Seb. I mean, with poets like Hollyannegetspoetic and Seb around, why would anyone else even bother!

tarnation and eudemonia

I’m not into ass,
although yours is a fine one.
I’m more into
and curve
and corner.
But don’t get me wrong.
Ass is ok.

I’m in to
color and
contour and context
and thickness and thinness
and the wholeness
of flesh.
But don’t get me wrong.
Ass is ok

I’m into dimple
and goosebumps
and crevice
and scent
and surprises and
blindfolded taste.
But don’t get me wrong.
Ass is ok

Oh, ass is fine
and yours is a fine one.
Don’t get me wrong –
I mean no disrespect!
It’s just I’m more into
layers and slow revelation
and movement and stillness
and the points where you


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  1. Perfect breakfast poem. Suddenly it smells a little odd in here. 🙂

    Quite descriptive and lyrical, must say. 4 stars!

      1. Yes, Seb officially ruined breakfast. 😉

        I just found a pic of the Asian puppy mills. See your pic, and add 20 more dogs in the cage. Where do we give! I’ll let you know when i do more research. i have to go to work! xo

      2. When you find out, let me know. I sometimes think that if all the enthusiastic teenagers got together on facebook, that would achieve something – Chinese teenagers are probably a force to be reckoned with, and like ours, happy to rebel.


      3. This would be an amazing rebellion. In fact, i may start it. I’m not dead, not by a long shot. In fact, I’m thinking of starting a Police Division called 9-K: Humans who work for Dogs. If dogs carried guns, the world would be a lot safer!

        I have a post in this. Sometime. I think i had a brilliant flash about one painting. It only took 1.5 hours of slopping paint … and a break. Now swimming, and organizing my dog police force.

      4. If you start it, I’ll follow. Only, I think the leader should be a sausage dog. Because..just because. Are you going to put the brilliant painting up?


      5. I’m a big fan of sausage dogs. I’ve had a Gretchen (fat little bugger), Pip (black, with brown spots); Ginger (red, and crazy … ate her own poo) … but she and i had a bond: Mom put Ginger “down” before her time. Now dad has Pip. She is so cute. SO imperfect! I love her. She actually bites if you try to pick her up. I heard a great tip: Oven mitts. My brother wants her euthanized. Humans! What’s a little nip!? Man up! But i digress.

        Yes a wiener dog with a badge: Couldn’t be finer. Me, dressed in a sparkly dress and sparkly rings, bracelets, earrings (but comfortable, sparkly shoes). Sparkly glasses for the dog.

      6. That’s awful – poor Ginger. I used to lie awake at night fantasising about running away with our cattle dog, Mike, if he was ever under threat from my parents. I don’t know why, because I can’t remember them ever saying anything about him. People who complain about small dogs nipping them are wusses, I think. Man up! It’s just a poodle/sausage dog/grumpy chihuahua! You and your sparkly things, Mel! We’d make a funny looking pair, you with your sparkles and me with my velvets and funny hats!


      7. I wish i had a picture of Ginger. She did this thing with her little sausage body. I would lay on the floor and she would put her belly on my neck … her head on one side and her little bottom on the other side of my neck … like a boa! I knew i loved that dog right away. Crazy cute, crazy habits. I felt so sorry for her: Mom just didn’t warm up to her, and when she doesn’t “warm up” she is life threatening. She was such a troubled woman … BUT she loved most dogs. That i have in common with her. ANYWAY … yea, Pip and her nipping. She is SO old and she is very arthritic. Her paws are about 1.5 inches long, and she can barely walk straight. I guarantee you, she is in pain and she doesn’t want to be touched roughly. Good for her for protecting herself! CHutzpah!

        You and Jen wear similar clothes. She likes velvets and hats. I wish i looked normal in hats, but i look terrible in them. I wouldn’t wash my hair as much if i looked good in hats. I wear sparkly barrettes, necklaces, bracelets, rings … but not in an obnoxious way. 😉 Right! xoxoxox

      8. Oh dear, I bet you do wish you had a picture. It must hurt your heart every time you think about that little dog. As for Pip, good luck to him with his nipping, like you say, he’s old and arthritic and needs to protect himself. What’s an obnoxious way to wear sparkly stuff? I don’t know one – except if it’s at a Republican convention, I guess!


      9. You know … i thought Dirty Harry (aka Clint Eastwood) was democrat. I was shocked to see him speak last night at the Republican Convention. I REALLY hate politician speeches! I simply do. EVERYTHING that comes out of these politician’s mouths is phony crap … but it all sounds so polished and “good”. And yet i know Romney’s head could crack a brick he’s so thick and full of rocks … so i switched between football and the speech. Nightmarish world here in the U.S. This is a time to wonder, “WTF is going to happen to this ‘once’ strong country”. We seem so defeated and lost now. Not weak, mind. We’d blow anyone’s head off that tried to take anything we have (which is nothing but trouble) … but there is no unity here. We seem to pretend there is unity … but i don’t feel it.

        OK … YES, it would have been difficult to take a pic of Ginger when she was playing DRESS UP with me. SHE WAS DARLING! Oh Rose, she loved me. She sort of wiggled around on my throat. So cute. She knew i was really suffering at the time … and i sort of felt like she knew that we were in the same “sinking” boat with mom. She was my little ally. I LOVED the fact that she was a different creature … BUT for that she was taken out by the (RIP) Madam of the family. It’s harder to put people “down” … euthanize (at any rate). And so it goes. I look forward to the day i get a dog. Meantime, i’m supplied with pictures, and visits from friends and family’s dogs.

        Pip, well, dad’s losing feeling in his hands, so wtf, pip can nip all she wants. I will take her if dad can’t handle her.

        SPARKLY! I love sparkly. There’s no wrong way to wear sparkly … and there’s no limit! The more the merrier! And, when the sun is shining brightly … so does the Sparkly Wearer! I like velvet as well. I feel sweaty all of a sudden.

      10. Oh yeah, I was a bit surprised too. It’s a pity because I’ve always liked CE, as an actor. Oh well. Apparently he came off as a bit dotty. As for Mitt Romney, I’ve hardly ever seen anyone look so fake, short of Barbie. He looks like he’s been freeze dried and reconstituted at the morgue. The US has some huge problems – but then, you’re a huge place. All empires go up..and then down, and then get sacked by Vandals like ancient Rome. Let’s hope the sacking’s a few years away yet.

        I love those little sausage dogs. They are so cute and sweet! Why can’t you have one? Are you renting and they won’t let you? And your poor dad, how come he can’t feel in his hands?

        One day you and me should get dressed up in our most sparkly/velvety things and go out on the town. Maybe Sydney, if you ever come there. oh well.. bedtime for me! xo


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