In Celebration of the Magnificent Ms A!!!

Today is my eldest sister’s birthday.  So, just for her, I want to write a little piece about how I love her and what a sweetheart she is.

I first met the Magnificent Ms A when…well actually I was Zero.  She was a gorgeous, leggy, brilliant and perhaps slightly anxious 13 year old.  Was she jealous? No, she was pleased as punch – at least so she says – and she absolutely adored me.  If I’m happy now, it’s because, as a baby and child, I was greatly loved – and for Ms A’s contribution to that, I’m very, well, grateful.

When I was a lonely, shy girl in my first year at university, Ms A would ring me up and invite me on outings.  I remember my first boyfriend saying one day ‘Your sister really looks after you, doesn’t she!’.  Well, yeah!

I remember huge fights.  How one day I nonchalantly said I was going to hitchhike home, after a tempestuous holiday at the beach with Ms A.  Don’t do it, begged Ms A, almost in tears (and possibly beside herself with fury as well). I’ll do anything! I’ll drive you to the bus! I’ll tie you up…just don’t solicit lifts with psycho truckdrivers who’ll dump your lifeless body behind a bush somewhere on the way to Melbourne..’  I made myself as big as I could, stood very close to Ms A and said ‘I WILL!’.  She, from three inches above my head, just laughed.  Anyway, I didn’t hitchhike, and probably now have Ms A to thank that I’m still here writing blogs.

About Ms A…Well, she’s incredibly beautiful.  When she was young, she looked like a cross between Elle McPherson and the Madonna.  She’s still lovely.  She’s brave and ethical.  If you were lying hurt in the street, or were being bashed senseless by horrid youths, or had suffered an injustice, Ms A would intervene.  She’s like that.  Ms A is a loving and generous mother.  At times she may be cruel – making Messrs T and D eat wholemeal bread, for instance, and forbidding Ms E to take up nude modelling – but the thing with Ms A is, her kids know, her siblings know, her friends know, her mum knew – she LOVES you.  And finally, Ms A is a softie.  Five foot ten, with the brain of a Harvard professor, the combative nature of Richard Dawkins, and Firm Views – Ms A is a tender, soft-hearted and easily hurt person, a delicious little oyster of a being.

And she still calls me Kiddo (I’m 49).  Sometimes.

So Ms A, may all good things come to you, preferably soonish, and with lots of hugs.  I LOVES ya!



  1. A sister’s love reaches across miles, climbs mountains and is rooted deep within the soul where joy is most keenly felt. Happy birthday to your sister! And remember – there are no calories in birthday cakes. So have more than one piece!

  2. I don’t have a sister but this post makes me want one. I’ll trade you one of my brothers. They’re pretty handy to have around even if they do eat me out of house and home when they come.

  3. What a nice post! I have an older sister that I adore. I’m 43 and she is 53 and she always refers to me as ‘baby sis’….I hope she has a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

    1. When you have a good relationship with your siblings, it’s wonderful – they’re like friends that can never be un-friends. Unless they won’t let you watch what you want on tv of course.


    1. She liked it – that’s the main thing! (the other funny thing is, she didn’t believe it. She thought I was being overly positive, strangely.)


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