Go the FUCK to sleep! Oh how many times have I crooned those words to Mr F (well, without the expletives, mainly). Bad parents will find this very amusing.

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.







Go the Fuck to Sleep – Read by Samuel L. Jackson


Go the fuck To Sleep By Adam Mansbach and Narrated by Samuel L Jackson. Also, the greatest fucking book in the history of the world. Samuel L. Jackson is the only man on earth qualified to read this!








Jesse Jackson reads Dr. Suess


on Jul 20, 2006

Jesse Jackson rendition of Green Eggs and Ham. Classic. Gotta give Jesse some credit for not taking himself too seriously. Many of his political speeches and sermons had rhyme and cadence, it’s what he became famous for, so he applied it to Dr. Suess, and it came out really funny for those who remember his more sing-songy speeches.









Song of Mitt’s Self


The real Mitt Romney stands up and…

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  1. Hi Rose. Thanks for the laugh! I’ve seen this on I think David Letterman, or something …

    Sorry to not be in contact. I have been sick all weekend, and will be leaving office soon. Thanks for the laught tho! xo

    1. That’s no good, Mel! Hope you’re better now. Oh how horrible it is to be sick! This thing reminds me of trying to get Mr F to sleep, in particular. although I never swore – I swear I didn’t!

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