The Karmic Challenge – Week 21: Gucci’s Finest Hour

THE CHALLENGE. A man (Captain Savage).  A woman (Rose). A quest. To earn enough karmic points by Christmas to be reincarnated as Something Nice.  But what should Gooch be reincarnated as? After all, she’s pretty much already at the top of the tree….

This week, all the points go not to me, but to Gucci – pictured above.

Stuffed into a shopping bag (so the staff wouldn’t notice), Gucci visited elderly Mr L in his old-age hostel, and sat on my lap listening to his war stories with rapt attention and impeccable good manners.  On the way out, we passed about a dozen old people sitting about looking bored in chairs, waiting.  Waiting is something you do a lot of in old people’s hostels, I get the impression.  They looked bored, not to say comatose.

But that all changed when Gucci trotted out. Everybody wanted a cuddle and a hold.  The Gooch was a bit nonplussed, but took it all in her stride – a born lapdog, professional to the core.  Eyes brightened, arms reached out, people smiled and remembered their own pets long left behind.

I expect the fleas enjoyed the change, too.


  1. I bet you pick up a few points for bringing Gooch.
    You should talk to the staff of the hostel to get their ok for bringing Gooch, especially after he brought so much joy to them.
    It would be terrible for you to bring the dog then have an overzealous staffer throw you out.

    1. Actually I was a bit nervous about it the first time, but they’ve seen me bringing her in and out a few times, and they don’t say anything, so I assume it’s ok. If I make it official, though, they may ask me awkward questions like ‘is she fully immunised?’ and ‘does she have fleas’ (no and yes). I’m fairly certain she won’t give the old people anything, though, and she now has a flea collar!

  2. Dogs can do amazing things for those in difficult settings. That’s why many hospitals use them to visit the patients, especially children’s hospitals. Always fun to see kids’ faces light up around our canine friends. 🙂

    1. They do! They’re hard to look after properly, though, for already overwhelmed staff – which is why visiting dogs are so nice. Probably even worth the occasional flea.

  3. How adorable is Gooch, and what a cute name..!
    Got to say though, think that you should get at least a few points… Gooch didn’t get there all by himself; he did need his entrepreneuring sidekick….

    1. Oh yes. Well it’s funny, the older I get, the further back my definition of ‘old’ gets. Now ‘old’ is about 57…that is, 8 years older than me. When I reach 57, it will be 59. Sort of like the race between Achilles and the turtle.

  4. Gucci is a cutie! I’ve been wanting to take Little Luna to the children’s hospital I went to as a kid. She’d be a perfect therapy dog for the kids. Can’t say that about her mean dad though.

    Oh and one of my close friends is flying to Aussie land today! I told him to snatch up a baby koala for me (and to not think of it as animal cruelty but rather making P happy). heheh 😉

    1. Little Luna? That’s a sweet name for her. Most people really like to see dogs – only some draw away a little, which is sad. Hope your friend enjoys Oz. Where’s he going?

      1. Yeah you did! Melbourne’s a great place, really good nightlife. Try St Kilda or Fitzroy on a Friday or Saturday night (but be a little careful late at night). Also the Dandenong Ranges are beautiful if he manages to get out that way, and Kangaroo Island, so they say. And Daylesford, which is just out of Melbourne. Hope he enjoys it, I did!

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