Truth. The proof’s in the eating.

I had a brother in law who thought he was God and his kid was the Second Coming.

Despite sharing the main thrust of this idea with Jesus Christ, it was generally agreed that my brother in law was mad (schizophrenic, actually).  Why? Because his view of the world was so DIFFERENT to everybody else’s.  YOU see that pink elephant? See, that one there, the one flying up above your head pulling a banner saying Vote for Mitt Romney with sparkly elephant poop coming out his…oh well never MIND!!!

How do we tell what’s true? The only way I know, is by practical road testing.  Lies and untruths, of whatever respectability or persuasiveness, have a habit of hitting you in the face like a brick wall, eventually.  If it aint true, you’ll find out.


    1. Not really. If you believe in wish fulfilment and you rely on The Secret to get you that parking space before your interview, you’re probably going to miss out on the job. If you think you’re so hot no woman is going to dump you no matter what you do, you’re probably in for a surprise. But there’s a bit of flexibility there. Like someone or other said, truth is what works.

  1. Hi Honey, i’ve lost that little day job I had, but don’t worry, there is always the Book, and of course my actig, and the stand up, and the voice over work. I know I haven’t doen ny of these before, or in over 20 years, but just trust me, everything will be fine.What do you mean…Nuts?

  2. I don’t know if believing in your own version of reality is telling lies? Now if you really believe that Mitt Romney is a pink elephant, and maybe he really is, then are you lying or just demented? The lies I can’t stand are those told deliberately to deceive you, those told because they are what the person thinks you want to hear, those are the ones where I hope the person does get found out and does fall flat on their faces.

    The worst lie I believe is the one that you tell yourself, because you would rather keep the other person happy, rather than be happy yourself, I’ve been there and done that, and it doesn’t end well, CS

    1. No, I don’t think it’s telling lies at all, it’s just being mistaken. To be a lie, it has to be deliberate – otherwise it’s simply untrue. And yeah, it’s important to tell the truth to yourself, as far as you can, I totally agree – because you want to live according to what is true, not what you’d like to be true. To avoid the ‘flat on your face’ moments.

  3. In my experience, truth is mutable. My truth might be different than my friend’s,but both versions may have merit. I agree with Captain Savage’s comment that “The worst lie is the lie you tell yourself.” I have to keep asking myself, “am I being honest to myself? Am I being true to myself?” Otherwise, it’s so easy to lose myself along the way.

  4. OK, I like what CS and DD have to say, but i’m curious about what made you write about this topic today … besides your love of sparkly stuff … even sparkly poo! Not to mention the demon Mitt Romney.

    I’m wondering about a topic which i’d love to hear your opinion.

    Are you happy? What is happiness to you? Is it real, or imagined? Is it CONSTANT, or is it fleeting and mysterious?

    I’ve been thinking i’m “doing it wrong, or getting it wrong” because I don’t have a “happiness meter” … and frankly, i’m actually quite pleased i wake up each morning with a good job, a love in my life, food on the table, and i’m not a raving bulimic. I mean there’s progress to be made …

    what are your thoughts? The journey is important, not the destination …

    All cliches are accepted, but ROSE’s point of view is my wish … if you choose to accept this mission. xo

  5. See, I see Obama as the the Pink Elephant guy and Romney, as Obama was 4 years ago, the lesser of two evils. So, like DD says, truth is mutable.

    The truth is like Schrodinger’s cat – at any given time something is AND isn’t true. It’s only when you observe it that you can define it;s state.

    1. Well, that’s true. Truth is in the eye of the beholder, up to a point. But come on, at least Obama is in possession of all his faculties, whereas Romney – believes in a God who lives on a nearby planet surrounded by nubile females, as written by a guy who clearly made it up as he went along, a couple of hundred years ago.

      1. Ah, but does not Obama as a Christian believe that god lives in some other dimension, surrounded by asexual cherubs as written by a bunch of bronze age nomads who equally made it up as they went along. and who thought stoning gays and women to death was a neatly idea. All religions are equally preposterous so it is arbitrary to single one out over the other in the long run. The simple matter is that Obama’s polices are the pink elephant stuff. He has been a bad presideny and needs to be got rid of (anyone who follows bush and scarcely looks better by comparison cannot be judged otherwise!). Now, of course a yellerdog democrat would feel otherwise and that’s why truth and character are never axiomatic. 😀

      2. Well, that’s true (the first bit) though I might not have dared to say so before you said it first. Do you really think Romney’s going to be a good president though? I don’t really follow it, but it doesn’t seem to me that his policies are likely to drag America out of recession or debt. I’d be interested to hear why you think they (presumably) will. Mind you, the US is in such deep do-do that I don’t know that anything short of a world war will pull you out.

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