Goddess Gate

Anyone for Goddess Gate? Sounds like THE PLACE for me!!!

Oh I DO Blather on, don't I?!?

Rose, over at “butimbeautiful” and An “Etiquette Guide for Sluts”http://livinginfairyland.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/roses-ranch/ has hatched a plan, a fun sounding, ingenious plan, wherein we create (in our minds at least) the rules and reg.’s for our own little paradise, our’ womens’ community, where men are only admitted by invitation and at our’ behest.

My first thought, good as I am at putting the cart before the horse, is what to name this place. I thought of “Ladyville” (yawn) “Chicktown” (better flair, but still lacking) and “Empress Land” (hokey and pretentious!) and finally settled on “Goddess Gate”. Perfect, at least in my view, though Rose probably has a few ideas of her own. You see, “Goddess Gate” not only smacks of exclusivity, with “Gate” and all, but, “Goddess” puts us on a pedestal where we belong!

I never understood the women that get all huffy about being put on a pedestal. What’s up…

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  1. Rose, as I said previously, I think both Kingdoms (or is that Queendoms) sound fun, but I’d have to take a break from your’s at Goddess Gate regularly as I think I’d be a broken man if I spent too much time under the oppressive whipping I’d get in your constant presence. CS

    1. Glad you liked it, whipping that is, we men are only here to amuse apparently, and maybe that could be fun maybe… Glad you decided to join in Rise and Darla’s fun, maybe I’ll get an invite if I’m a BAD boy 🙂

  2. Question, what happens after some “invites” have “served their purpose” and it comes time for them to leave? I was told that men committed a terrible faux pas when they left after “serving their purpose”. My apologies for all the quotation marks, I don’t know the rules on content yet 😉

    1. Well, on Rose’s Ranch, it’s pretty dog eat dog, so after you’ve served your purpose, I’m afraid you’re encouraged to move on to greener pastures. But in the real world, both men and women sometimes leave after ‘serving their purpose’ – it aint very polite, but there it is. That never happens with ladies. Like me. Well, hardly ever.

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