What do anthropology and Ke$ha have in common?

Maybe this is just me – but does this look like an artist to you?


Or this?

Or even this?


This isn’t art. Or singing. Or music.  This is a mating ritual. It’s like, get a load of this! I’m prettier than the other females/males. I’m fit to mate, I’m the FITTEST to mate around here, I’m so fit I’m nearly BURSTING with fitness, pick me, pick me, PICK ME!!!

Would it help if we agreed? YES you are the most bootylicious.  Sure we all want to sleep with you.  Now could you please shut up?


  1. OMG exactly. Leave us alone. I’ve seen enough porn MTV. NO TALENT, big boobs, big ass, big muscles: Congratulations, and good bye!

    1. It is very close to porn. I have to admit, I used to like watching it first thing Sunday morning for a while, in the same spirit that you’d watch weird tribal goings on or ads for L’Oreal, but have lost interest now.

  2. Some talented acts will “sneak in” sometimes, but most modern music is just a formula of crap: image, trite lyrics, gyrating around, a thumping beat and some catchy sound to it that draws people in. They should require every high school kid to study music theory and then dissect popular songs to show them how musically bad they really are. Country music is the same: my girl, my guy, my long blond hair, my buds, my patriotism, my great chest, my pickup truck, my small-town life, my dog…….

    1. Yup! Like you say, some of it is good and we probably disagree on which some – I personally like Pink a lot but I gather I have that in common with about 95% of middle aged chicks.

    1. Well yeah, that too – I forgot about marketing. But, they market themselves and their music – I can’t think what else one would buy as a result of watching Kesha.

      1. They are marketing a lifestyle, not a single product. SWAG, YOLO – whatever you want to call it. Music sells a lot more than just music – look at the conspicuous product placement in any video. Now that’s all well and good until you look at odious little scumbags like Chris Brown. What is Chris Brown marketing? He is marketing freedom from personal responsibility and accountability and the belief that somehow, the law doesn’t apply to YOU. And that’s just to guys -w hat he sells to these 13 year old girls who seem willing to give him a free pass is far more insidious. What does the rapper who boasts about dealing drugs and making it big sell? Same thing. I blame the Beatles and their long hair. They started it. And Elvis. And Mozart!

  3. Come on Rose, sexy bods have been the marketing weapon of choice for music videos for years. All you have to do is turn off the sound and appreciate the rest… CS

    1. I have cast a few lubricious glances at usher’s bling-hung chest from time to time, it’s true. But Kesha – even if I was a guy I think I’d pass. And I’m sure Nikki Minaj has a concrete arse.

  4. why mute the sound when we could just change the channel…… give me Adele or Mama Cass any day! Those “bods” are not real I’m not going to find them in my home town or in the woman I will finally fall in love with and that’s not what I’d want….. lumps and bumps are the true way! That way there’s more to love and appreciate. now thanks for telling them to shut up! now could you tell them to make proper music 🙂

  5. And yet, weirdly, and perhaps with a little questioning of my morals, I quite like Kesha…. There’s something in her that doesn’t appear to take it all too seriously… And there’s a song called “Dinosaur”, which does rather tickle me…
    I know, I know… 😉

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more, Rose. For me, watching Nikki Minaj’s video seemed like watching Madonna, while in the downward spiral of an increasingly bad acid trip.

      1. The truth is, that when Madonna first hit it big in the mid 1980s, I liked her, and not just because I thought she was a hot babe – I liked her music, and I admired her “devil may care” attitude. In later years, she kinda lost me with with the incredibly elaborate stage productions, and being surrounded by all those male dancers – many of whom looked like they’d be far more attracted to each other, than they’d ever be attracted to Madonna. It all just seemed so overdone and fake to me.

        Honestly, I had never seen or heard Nikki Minaj before, until I saw her video that you posted here. As soon as she started singing, my immediate thought was ‘cheap Madonna rip off done badly!’ cause she sounded a lot like a very badly done Madonna imitation to me. And the more I watched her, the more I was repulsed by her exaggerated to the point of being grotesque body, and graceless gyrations.

        Which is why I said in my original comment, that watching NM was like watching Madonna while I was headed into the downward spiral of a bad acid trip.

      2. I felt the same as you did about Madonna at first. I didn’t really like her music but I liked the ‘stuff you’ attitude. NM – well, she’s just tryhard. So I concur with your earlier comment – not that I’ve ever had any sort of acid trip let alone a bad one.

  7. It’s all about getting attention without anything to really draw attention to you besides your lady humps and manly bumps.

    1. I think so, yep! Talking about that, wasn’t Fergie a pain – all her songs were about ‘look at me, all the boys want me, I’m so yummy’. Just about BEGGING Who Weekly to publish pictures of you with wrinkly knees.

  8. Oooooh Niki Minaj – I hate her because her music sticks in my brain forever and it’s not even good music. She has like fourteen different accents in one lyric and she looks like a badly drawn cartoon character. 😦

  9. I agree with all this but aren’t they really just saying, I have no musical talent so I need to be like this? I had the tv on silent the other day for a whole lot of Alexandra Burke videos – they were repetetive, like watching someone working out in the gym, or maybe the sort of film an alien visitor would make to try to make sense of our so-called civilisation. Utterly terrifying.

      1. Sorry – she was on e of the first X Factor competition winners in the UK. All her videos involve a lot of semi naked gyrating in high heels with a group of back up singers. More appropriate to table dancing venues. And they are so muscular, almost like weight lifters. aaargh!

  10. Oh my god I just watch the film clip, and maybe I should have before I commented earlier. She is weird looking, and yep the song is total rubbish too. Madonna, well I am not ashamed, I have her greatest hits, not that all her songs deserved to be hits, but she did have a bit more appeal I think. Yep, I am a big fan of Pink but not yellow hair… Ok, maybe this some kind of performance art, because a music clip it isn’t, and when I say art, thats only for the shock value. Yep I agree with Chris, whoever did that one was definately on something. But in the end it is being pitched at a marked, and someone is buying this stuff, or making money from it. So as long as it isn’t harming anyone, well apart from those kids who may think this is a body look they want… And I really hope not… CS

    1. Well, yeah. It is kind of harming people, in that it encourages people to think that’s something to emulate – teens in terms of body shape, for instance. But there’s nothing you can do about that. My point is, I guess, that it’s being misinterpreted as music when in fact it’s a plea to be noticed.

  11. Artists these days have about as much musical ability and creativity as it takes to bang two pots together. All these celebrities are doing is giving out negative messages and making us feel bad about ourselves. Growing up in this generation is awful.

    1. Well, some. Are you IN this generation? Cause I’m not and that makes me an old fart but if you think the same and you’re NOT an old fart, that makes me feel better! I DO like the cheerful ones. Like that One Two Three You can Count on Me guy. guess I have simple tastes!

      1. Yeah I’m in this generation, born in the mid-nineties. I guess it’s not fair to be so cynical… I think that often the artists are not the ones to blame, but more society and its influences. And yes, songs like that are uplifting! Good songs don’t always need to be profound and life-changing. Thanks for this post, it made me think 🙂

      2. That is such a great song, One Two Three etc… I thought it was James Blunt who sang it for some reason… And yes its a really catchy tune, and that’s from one old fart to another 🙂

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