Don’t bother seizing the day, there’ll be another ten billion of them

If each of us had a billion years to hang around in, there would be NO blogs exhorting us to live life to the full.

Instead, there’d be blogs about how to waste time.  Lots of it.  Spend a couple of years just sleeping – why not!  Thumb twiddling for experts.  Slow drying nail polish.

You wouldn’t have to treasure your dear ones, at least, not until the last hundred years or so.  After all, they’re going to be there tomorrow.  And the next day. And the next millennium.

Failed love affairs would be like, so what! I’ll probably have forgotten you in another century or two.

Nobody would ever have to feel guilty about not having achieved anything, or having lots of empty buckets in their bucket list.  Nobody would say things like ‘live every day as if it’s your last’ and ‘seize the moment’ and ‘opportunity knocks but once’.

What a nice, relaxing world that would be!  Sometimes all the pressure (from inside AND outside) to make GOOD USE of this brief life we have, which may be taken off us at any moment, and is ALL WE’VE GOT – is just…tiring!

Come on. BABIES never think about living life to the full. They just…live.


  1. Babies are not just CUTE as buttons, they are brilliant! Honey, this post came at the RIGHT TIME … i’m so sick of slamming myself for not painting masterpieces, and not doing, doing, doing, producing, producing, producing … i could just fall flat on my back …

    move over baby, a big-old lady is gonna slam in next to you in that crib. Bring me a diet Mountain Dew while yer at it.

    1. I hope you have lots of nieces and grand-nieces and things then! Yes, babies are a wonder of the world! And Melissa, your paintings ARE masterpieces. If I ever come over there, I want to buy a whole pile of them and hang them all over my house.

  2. I can’t believe I just spent one minute and twenty-eight seconds of my life watching a video about thumb twiddling! I just kept waiting for some really unusual or outstanding thumb twiddling to happen. Surely a person wouldn’t upload a video to youtube about something so banal! In and of itself, it’s an interesting commentary on the way social media shapes us. (It’s time for us to relax and blog about folding laundry and eating cereal for breakfast…)

  3. Only problem is, nothing would ever get done. I know from my point of view that, unless I’m under pressure, I don’t seem to be able to achieve. I think I’d turn into the laziest git on the planet.

  4. Oh, my, a billion years to worry about whether I’ve eaten too much chocolate and ice cream. But then again, a billion years to eat chocolate and ice cream. Yum.

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