The Price Of Beauty

This is a great post on why you might want to think twice about using Avon and some other products. We might be willing to suffer for beauty but some poor rabbit didn’t sign up for that. Miss Tribble also gives a link to check who does animal testing and who doesn’t.

Missus Tribble

I am in no way an “Animal Activist” – at least, not a militant one. I don’t throw eggs at coachloads of posh people attending Hunt Balls (although I used to). I don’t raid laboratories in the misguided idea of setting the animals loose in the wild (along with who-knows-what nasty man-made bacteria) where they would be completely unable to fend for themselves; I don’t throw myself in front of hounds and foxes during hunts, as I don’t believe that dying is going to aid any cause – you need to be alive to support whatever it is you’re fighting for or against!

I am a “Passive Activist”. I sign petitions; I refuse to wear fur; I buy cosmetics that have not been animal tested (LUSH is the only place I’ll buy my shampoo); I will not allow meat or eggs over the threshold if it isn’t stamped “Free…

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  1. I had no freaking idea Avon could be a culprit. Oh, my God, why not just rub animal blood on your lips to make them red?

    I saw this one earlier today ButI’m, and it freaking kills me….

    But thanks. The awareness is worth it. I really didn’t know about Avon.

  2. Rose, I don’t think there is a list of which companies DO use animal testing, but there certianly is one for those that don’t, refer to for details. I think it’s disgusting that this practice still goes on, especially when the testing relates to cosmetics, I might have more sympathy if it was for medical research to save lives. No not even then, I think there must be other alternatives to torturing animals. CS

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