Karmic Challenge Week 15 or is it 16 already??? I’m really not sure…

Well, Captain Savage had EXACTLY the same thought as me! Ie, where are we up to! Looks like I can stop being good quite soon actually – given I’ve nearly reached the Holy Grail of 500 points. And CS, you’re not far off. So after we get to 500, maybe we should LOSE karmic points, on purpose, just for fun???

Captsavage's Blog

I absolutely HATE the mosquito… Almost as much as the tax department

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Dalai Lama XIV

The Great continuing Karmic Challenge

Only 5 months to go Rose, just 5 months, I’d tell you the days left, but I’ll save my accounting skills as who really cares? The game is about Karma not counting I think.

Now my apologies from the start, my prosaic and mundane writing style is not a patch on my good friend Rose’s contributions. But suck it up, I have the keyboard and I’m here writing it, so too bad!

It has been a difficult few weeks to keep up the Karmic reporting pace that has been maintained by the highly creative Rose and me her number crunching sidekick. What with trips to the snow fields, then to the sunshine coast…

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  1. Karma lotto. Spin little ping pong balls to see how many karma points you get. Losing points. Too easy. Lottos, well, slightly stupid.

    1. You’re right. CS makes it too easy for me – we should add some sort of handicap (thing is, he actually wants to give me points, which is nice of him – but maybe not challenging enough). ANYWAY – Mel, I thought you were meant to be resting from the blogosphere and doing LIFE instead! xoxo

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