Goodbye Cruel World

Ok, that’s it, I’m leaving.  Not only has the temperature dropped below 3 degrees at night, but –

I’ve had the Winter Bug.


First warmly welcomed by Ms M, then gently shepherded in my direction over the weekend, resulting in five days of ear-clutching, tonsil-swallowing, head-tightening, chill-sweating would-be bed rest.  Would-be, BECAUSE..

I promised the New Boss that I’d deliver a piece of survey analysis the like of which he’d never seen, by the weekend.  Which I did, by dint of sitting in my home office, shoving panadols in one end and stats out the other.


HOWEVER, the combined force of these two Destinies meant that I missed out on:

  • One Act of Selfless Karma-Kounting, viz, meeting my new 90 year old Red Cross Visitee from a nearby aged care hostel.  I guess killing him with The Bug wouldn’t really count as a good deed…
  • Visiting the Cat Rescue Lady with bags of minced Other Unfortunate Animal (yes I do see the irony, for a vegetarian)..
  • Any social life whatsoever (and there WOULD HAVE BEEN quite a lot of it, this week).  For instance I’m really sorry I didn’t get to shove Captain Savage into the waiting jaws of lubricious local poetesses at the Poetry Slam, as planned (I planned that, not him).
Captain Savage sweeps Sexy Poetess off Her Feet


Also, I didn’t get to read the blogs I normally read, because I was so hard at work/shivering.  So I’m sorry if I haven’t been about much this week.  And, of course, I failed to deliver my weekly Karmic round-up (Round-Up is a that ominous or what?).

BUT I did get to hug my all time hero, Simon the Brave, who’s returned from afar with a couple of renewed addictions and some extra baggage.  I do love that man, even though I’m sorry to say he looks really dumb with his tongue stuck out on Facebook (and no, I won’t put that photo up, my dear).

Anyway I’m getting better now and to celebrate here is this song!


  1. Sorry that you’ve been sick with the Winter Bug, and I can see he’s real ugly bugger! So I’m glad that you’re starting to get better, and I’m sure that your newest adventures with pushing Captain Savage into the clutches of aggressively wanton women, have been only delayed, and soon will become the action of adventure once again. Catchy tune by The Proclaimers! 🙂

  2. Dreadfully sorry about being sick. Thank you for the sound effects of colds and flu. It’s a joyful clucking and popping indeed!

    Who’s you’re man? I’m sorry about the addictions unless he’s addicted to making heaps of money and giving back massages to Princess Rose!

    I rather like the Proclaimers ah ha ah ha ah ha … i’m on toporTheWorld too ah ha …

    1. He’s addicted to naughtythings that I disapprove of like drink and smokes, but he’s the best of all possible men and he’s my lovely friend who makes clever things. He restores my faith in all things male! I’m glad that you’re on top of the world, Mel – must be the after effect of your holiday in Alaska!

  3. There are only so many hours in a day, and even less when you’re feeling crappy and full of virus. Here’s hoping things free up a bit for you soon. 🙂

  4. Shouldn’t the title have been “Hello Again, Cruel World”?
    Hope you’re shaking the blahs the blues and the bugs, and that all is once again right in your world!

    And I’m always surprised to learn (again) that the Proclaimers have more than one song…

  5. Speedy recovery! I believe in caring for self above all else, reading about what a wonderful time others are having while feeling like death warmed over doesn’t speed up healing for me, it just makes me mad that I’m sick.

  6. Don’t scare me like that! Goodbye cruel world doesn’t exactly say “I’m getting better”. I says, screw this, I’m outta here! Oh, and glad to hear you’re getting better. It took me about a month. On the plus side, it does allow for some serious blogging time 😉

  7. Don’t worry Rose it’s always around 21 degrees (C not F) where you are escaping to. Glad you are feeling better, look like it was a really nasty hairy bug too 🙂

  8. reschedule your posts whenever you are free so we can read and comment and you can catch up later 🙂

    its good to have a busy, fruitful life in the outer world too.

    have fun!

  9. You’re so great! You’re heaps fun – even at the worst of times. This was like my post WHO COUGHED ON ME? but not. I been there, & SO wishing you get better quick. I totally hate being sick. I worked my whole sick week, without a pause, because my boss was away and I had to hold fort. It was SICK!

    Get well 🙂
    Your writing is choice, you know?

  10. There is nothing so ACHING as needing to sleep/repair, and having responsibilities that need attending to. Ugh. I bet you’re well now though.

    I was curious what work you do. Statistics of some kind… & you work from home … interesting! 🙂

    1. I work as a policy officer part time for a not for profit organisation. Stats are part of it but quite a small part – it’s just that we just did a survey and it had to be analysed in a short time. But it’s all better now – thanks!

  11. I wouldn’t mind Captain Savage sweeping me (the not poet poetess). Hope you’re warm. I forget you guys get the cold chills while we get summer here.

    1. If you were here I’m sure CS would jump at the chance to sweep you off your feet (that’s assuming you’re not six foot or anything like that – he’s not that huge). Sorry for late reply – as you may have gathered, my life has changed dramatically recently.

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