What happens when an ordinary blogger goes mad from the guilt of unacknowledged awards?  Crazed with anticipation of her next holiday, in only a week’s time, to Queensland – ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’.  Just, plain confused and muddled?

This, by the way, is NOT Queensland. Queensland is warm and sunny and full of weird people.  This is Thredbo.  Thredbo is cold and snowy and thinks it’s in the Tyrol but it aint.  Thredbo is where me and my baby (Ms M) and her friend spent the weekend.  THEY snowboarded.  I read.  Perfetto!

She mixes stuff up.  She disobeys Rules.  In other words, here goes.

I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mystic Circle, who’s nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I’m always going on about wanting to be reincarnated as a higher life form (preferably a dog or cat) – so I’m encouraged to read that animals DO have souls, because Mystic Circle can SEE them.  Which is kind of nice, because I had a very dear dog called Wellie that I often think of.  In fact it was my fault Wellie died, because I walked him without a leash.  So anyway Wellie, if you can hear me, I’m sorry and I love you – and Mystic Circle I really do hope you’re right and he can!

Meanwhile, DedePuppets, whose name is NOT Dede, has honoured me with the Sunshine Award (obviously she KNEW I was going to Queensland!).  Thanks a heap! She’s an artist who makes funny puppets on sticks, each with their own quirky personality.  Personally I identify with Devil.  Which one is you??

“He pops up every so often, mostly to unsettle me or the others. He has a very strong opinion on what I should or shouldn’t do.”


Last but not least, Postcard Fiction has VERY kindly given me the Genuine Blog Award and the Reader Appreciation Award.


In PCF’s own words “Welcome to Postcard Fiction, a spot for literary exploration in fifty words or less.”  I love the pictures too – and here is another one for you, PCF! Fifty words on this, maybe??

I’d like to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to some extremely versatile blogs and here they are:

Here it is folks!!


I’d also like to say a big thankyou to these SUNNY bloggers by giving them the Sunshine Award (if they’ll take it, that is):



For the Rules that go along with these awards, please google, as it’s my bed time now.  IN the words of the immortal Beatles ‘I’m in love (with you, obviously) but I’m lazy’.


  1. Hello, Rose. Just as you are going to bed, I’m waking up, which is, I think, one of the wonderful things about blogging. It’s so great that we can connect with people who live halfway around the world, and find points of common interest. And what a delightful surprise to wake up to! Many, many thanks! (Even though you’re not in the Alps, you look happy and relaxed in your photo. A weekend away is good for the soul…)

    1. Hello Sally! Yes it is a funny thing isn’t it, that it can be morning for you when it’s really late here and yawning time. I AM in the alps, though. On the balcony of our chalet, no less! I just didn’t go boarding, I hate the feeling of impending doom that you get standing on a slidey thing at the top of a massive slope. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Unbelievable beauty! The mountains and water look amazing as well. The water sparkles like diamonds. You JUST know i want to put that sucker on my finger or my wrist. Sparkly! Oh, and my God … i know i’ve nominated you for those awards before … i’m glad you passed them along.

    Come on, cough up some TRUISMS about Rose ;-). You know the rules, and i know YOU love to follow rules.

    And Arf! i’m preparing to a higher soul-form. I’ve picked out DOG as first choice, Finnegan the cat, as second choice. Finnegan got run over good and proper by a hit-and-run. I’m sorry Finnegan, i tried to pick you up. What a mess!

    Here’s to reading, and not hanging with people who challenge the karma-calm.

    1. It’s very beautiful up there – and bloody freezing! Yes you have nominated me – and I DID pass them along – it always takes me a while to round up everyone I want to pass them on to, and then organise a post around that. And yeah, the seven THINGS. Ok, I’m not going to play that straight. Straight is too boring. So, reincarnation as a dog? You’ll make a beautiful dog. The best bit about dogs is that they rarely have eating disorders of any kind, at least, they eat too much, but that’s easily fixed, poor things. My little Coolac is getting porky in her old age. Poor Finnegan – sounds like it was quick, anyway!

    1. Thanks. It is lovely. Funnily, this photo was taken more or less at midday, but the lake’s very cold looking. There’s a whole drowned town beneath it, which I find fascinating.

      1. Midday? I’m discombobulated – I could have sworn it was a moon beam reflected in the water. It is very beautiful. Is that lake Adaminiby or Eucumbine? I should know which, because I remember when the Snowy scheme drowned that town, and remember too, seeing pictures as it emerged, some years ago, at the height of the last drought.

  3. Here my German-ness came well and truly through… These awards are just too confusing for my straight lined brain :). Thanks Rose for the mention and of course the award which you gave to me and I gave to you 🙂

  4. Rose, that’s such a cute picture of you on the deck! I must admit that I’m jealous of the snow, even though it’s sunny and warm in California, since my ski’s/boots/poles have been taking up space in my airstream since November and i didn’t get to use them once the whole winter!

    Enjoy Queensland!

    1. It was fun! Never mind that now I’m back, I’ve got Ms M’s flu and feel miserable! Snow is amazing stuff,when you’re not used to it. Both my kids want to go live where there’s snow in winter, at least for a while. Anyway, YOU can’t complain – EVERYONE wants to live in California!

      1. honestly, even cynical ol’ me can’t think of a more amazing place to live! California is the most beautiful and amazing place! Would like to see Oz, though, and skiing in South America (Chili powder!) while it’s summer in the U.S. is a great fantasy!
        Hope you feel better soon, the flu sucks!
        P.S. tell you’re kids that ALL the ski resorts, in the U.S, and otherwise, hire young people from faraway lands to be lift ops. and the like for the winter seasons…my kid did it at Squaw Valley, and even though he wasn’t a foreign kid, it was a great experience for him! They should look into it!

    1. Thanks. Do you always call middle-aged women ‘young lady’? I think it’s a great idea, if I went to your hotel and you addressed me thus, I’d tip you fifty bucks no question!

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