The Karmic Challenge – Week 12


“Um…starting from…”

“Oh, when you were a child.  Family, school, friends…right up to the present, really.  Your whole life story? All about YOU.”

“You’re asking a professional egotist to tell you their Life Story? Have you ANY IDEA how dangerous that is? ”

No actually I didn’t say that to the nice ladies from Barnardos come to see if I’m a suitable person to be let loose on a child for two hours a week.  Instead I told them –

  • how I LOATHE and DESPISE drugs and alcohol
  • how I BEAT Mr F (well, smacked, really) – and he jolly well deserved it.
  • how I don’t think ‘gay’ is THAT bad as an insult used by Young People of Today (seeing as, to them, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation, any more than ‘lame’ has to do with being crippled).
  • how I don’t really mind dirty clothes on kids (mine avoid clean clothes like dogs avoid bathtime)
  • that I lose my temper BIG TIME if I get hit in the nose.


So I expect they’ll be allocating me a troubled kid shortly (if it’s not troubled before, it will be afterwards).  Only joking!

In the interests of shining a little light (my Karmic blowtorch?) I’ve also joined three Meetup Groups – they’re these things where strangers go see movies and do stuff together.

It’s not that I don’t have enough friends….OH no!!!

….it’s just that I don’t have enough friends.  How am I going to be extra nice to people if the only people I’ve got to be nice to are..Captain Savage, and the kids (god forbid!) and Mum!

Which brings me to Praise a Stranger week.  It’s practice for mean, critical old me in actually appreciating people and showing it.  And since I’ve already met lots of strangers – at my new workplace – here is a small sample.

Paul. You don’t read this blog and I hope you never will.  You’re my boss, and I have to say you’re one of the kindest bosses I’ve ever had.  You want to meet my kid! You ask me about my dogs. You don’t bat an eyelid when I ask for time off.  You say I’m doing great. Your staff laugh and smile around you.  You don’t ‘order’ people.  You let people bring their kids to the office – you ENCOURAGE it.  You know the cleaner’s name and exchange jokes with him.  How do I show you how great I think you are without looking like an arse-licker?

Yes, it’s a genuine question from me to you.  How is this appreciation thingummy actually DONE???? 


  1. I’d guess the best way to show your appreciation is to do your job well and help out even on things that aren’t your area. And just be nice to the guy.

    Have fun with the Meetups!

    And the Good Karma train keeps a rollin…

    1. I’m trying to be Employee of the Year as it is. If you were Boss, what would make you feel appreciated for your superb non-managerial talents (I say non managerial because I HATE being managed and that’s one of the reasons why I like this guy)?

      1. When I had a staff (restaurants), I made sure they knew what I expected of them, and let them do their jobs.
        The guys I most appreciated were the ones who covered their end and helped out the guys who needed it.
        And the ones who didn’t constantly bitch about how awful their lives were.

        If your description of your boss is accurate, sounds like you could do your job and just be your usual effervescent self. And if your personalities mesh, enjoy and participate in the conversations with him. Without becoming a teachers pet.

        And after you’ve been there a while, thank him for his non-managerial style.

  2. Things are looking up… Rose is going to be ‘nice’ to me, can’t wait… But honestly, you give the best imitation of nice almost everytime I see you, just be yourself, say what you think to Paul and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. As El Guapo says, enjoy your job, do it well, and share the love with your boss, honest appreciation is not arse (or ass) kissing.


      1. you bet! It’s like what evil doers do on comic-strip movies – they tell everyone they’re here to do good, meanwhile they’re planting stink bombs all over the place.

  3. “The trick is to reflect beauty but also truth.” Can I quote you, Rose? I love this idea. How can I carry it into my day to day life and into my life as a blogger?

    1. I wish I knew. I’m not very good at praise, in the ordinary social context. But I’m planning to review some online novels by fellow bloggers, and I guess that is the crux of the challenge – how to be truthful but also positive. After all, my own stuff is not so glorious that I can be too critical of others.

  4. Are you on an ongoing challenge to become super nice? (I’m a newcomer, where do I find the start?) it seems like a good challenge, funny you want to find new friends to practise being nice :-). I love the praise a stranger moment, I think you could just thank your boss every time he says/do something nice?

    1. That’s a good idea. Alright, I’ll try to remember to do that. He’s letting me go on a week’s holiday (about a week into this new job) so that deserves some thanks, for a start. And yeah, the idea is to earn karmic points – you’re right, I need to put a little box up every time, so newcomers know. I”m not very organised.

    1. Thanks – I could, but if he knew I blogged, he’d always be wondering if I put my work in it (and then, of course, I couldn’t). But I did indirectly tell him I just love the job (I said it very loudly outside his office).

    1. Well, I know it’s annoying (but then, so am I). I’ve had boyfriends who were into drugs (crack, pot) and the effects ranged from devastating to just stupid (that is, the guy’d lost so many brain cells he just couldn’t think at normal speed any more). As for alcohol, I just don’t see the point. Why do we have to filter reality through some sort of haze to make it palatable? I like my reality more or less straight. And before you say ‘oh yes but reality’s easy for you, you have such a nice life’, it’s true, I do, but I haven’t always, I have my shitty stuff like anyone – I just prefer not to drown it out. BUT I don’t go round lecturing other people on it (much – I’d LOVE to). I just think maybe the same as you would if you knew someone who put on special glasses to make life look nicer every time it got a little challenging. You kind of want to say ‘throw them away and see the world for what it is, for once, mate’.

    2. That said, I will have a glass of wine occasionally to keep someone company, though I personally prefer juice. And I fully intend to be a massive druggo when life is so crappy I really need the fog – ie when I’m ninety.

  5. That’s a great genuine question, actually. Your boss does sound fantastic – truly human. Don’t you love that – when a guy turns out to be human? Precious.

    Came by to see what you’re up to. I can’t tell what’s your latest post – is it still the blow flies yum cha? Wouldn’t mind if you had one of those calendars up, you know, so’as I could click on your latest.

    Anyway, I put you on my blog roll Just wanted to tell you, I think you’re choice, Rose 🙂 I’m shaping the site a bit & thought you would enhance it 🙂


    & I have NO IDEA how you could not sound like a brown nose…

    1. Thanks very much indeed. I actually haven’t posted for a while, due to a family loss, but will sometime in the next week. And thanks again – I appreciate your comments very much.

    2. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll – I’ll do similarly, shortly. Yeah, Paul is lovely (so far..). Maybe I’ll put a calendar up then..And looking forward to checking out what you’ve done with your site!

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