The Karmic Challenge – Week 11

And now we cross to our roving reporter, Cynical Cynthia, as she tries to catch an interview with the elusive Rose about her Week in Karma.


Cynthia: I think she’s coming out…yes, here she is….god, I think she’s got her dress on back the front and doesn’t she OWN a lint remover?… ROSE!  ROSE!  How was your week?


Rose: (flustered, dragging embarrassed teenager with hat over face) Can’t you see I’m in a terrible rush!  I’m supposed to be at work already and my kid’s trying to get out of school for the third day in a row! Gimme a break!

Cynthia: Sure but Rose, can I get a quick comment!? Have you done anything good this week?

Rose: Well, this new job, it IS for a non-profit charity!  For old people!

Cynthia: Is it true that you called the Executive Director ‘some random old guy’ on your first day, and referred to the clientele as ‘old biddies’?


Rose:  NO! I mean..well, not exactly.  I did ask him if his daughter was middle aged.  And she turned out to be 21.  It was a little awkward.  As for the ‘old biddies’ I can categorically deny –

Cynthia: And what do you have to say to the allegation that you ranted to your mum about how stupid someone was for a good half hour earlier this week?

Rose: Er, yeah, um – what’s become of Innocent Until Proven Guilty! What is this, trial by media? Anyway, this person IS stupid!

Cynthia: So not so karmic after all, Rose?  Did you do ANYTHING right this week?

Rose:  Oh god what time is it…er, well yes I did do a few things but –

Cynthia: Like what?

Rose: Oh, if you must know, I bought a few novels on Amazon. By self-published novelists.

Cynthia: Oh wow you must be feeling so karmic!  I can almost see your halo!

Rose (huffily): Well I do think it’s important to support people who are trying to make a go of it.  I mean, if I write novels and self-publish them on Amazon and expect people to read them, then I should do OTHER PEOPLE the same favour!  Not just read the big boys and girls.  Right?

Cynthia: Right.  And your novel’s sold how many copies??

Rose: (slams door of car on Cynthia’s trailing microphone, screeches off into distance)

Buddha’s Take

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.

For a review of the Actual Novels Read – see a post coming soon to a blog near you!


  1. Rose,

    I think you are being a little hard on yourself, but it was bloody funny. I can name several good deeds that happened, some may have even involved me. But you do have a habit of putting on dresses inside out I’d have to agree (and have witnessed)… And a lint brush is a necessity at your place, but that’s because everything living at your place is furry (even the humans).

    Now if you want to meet someone who is not the least bit Karmic… Well this week it was definately me, but i’ll spill my guts in my Week 11 post, rather than lowerimg the tone of this respected blog, promised I’ll get to blogging sometime this week…

    BTW working for a not-4-profit fighting for the oldies, 1,000,000 points… Taking me to places and forcing me toi chat up strange women in a noble quest for rejection (without laughing) another 1,000,000 points… And for voluntarily saying you’ll do it again this week, well I think I cause a GKC (Global Karmic Crisis) if I award you the number of points you deserve for this coming noble act! Although the ladies involved may not be so generous 😉


  2. Love how you set this one up! I was laughing out loud about the “random old guy” comment! (I told my boss he had a nice ass this week. I haven’t been fired yet. Should I add or subtract Karma points for that??)

  3. Okay. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t aware you had published a book. I checked it out (is Romancing with Rose your other blog?) and enjoyed the first chapter, so I just downloaded it. At least, I’m hoping “A Warm Wind” is your book. 🙂

    1. That’s ok, and yes R with R is my other blog. No I didn’t publicise it because it’s not really my best work – I just wanted to sort of mentally get rid of it, that’s why it’s up on Amazon. But thanks so much for looking at it. Yep, Warm Wind is it.

      1. Mentally get rid of it…. I get that.

        Congrats on being published, that’s excellent! 🙂

  4. HUGE MISTAKE … forgot to say HI, i’m back in civi-li-zation, as a quarterback … just saying hi.

    How’s karma … didn’t read.

    The huge mistake was me not saying “hi” in all my post (and still) holiday giddies.

    ox mel

    1. That’s not a mistake, that’s called having a really good time and forgetting about the stupid computer!! Good to hear you did – have fun I mean but of course you would, well, Alaska, wow! xoxo

      1. Indeed … and just finished watching Million Dollar Baby to cheer myself up! Actually, the movie has heart, and has karma in mind …

      2. but hasn’t it got people getting hit and hitting one another? I don’t like that idea, it makes me wince every time anybody does it! I’m not good with boxing films.

  5. This was hilarious. Loved the scene you set, & the pics you chose. LOVIN’ the old biddies. Rose is good at heart, surely…

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