Oh Frabjous Day!!!

I got my Dream Job!!  I got it, I got it, I got it!!


Well, my Dream Job would actually be lying around conducting in-depth in-home user-testing of deluxe armchairs, but apart from that…

I don’t know if I can actually DO the dream job yet, as (although I’m just brilliant, naturally) I’m always being told I don’t speak up enough and look sort of smooth and professional and in command – but I’m going to give it my best go!

What’s so nice about it?

  • Free and easy parking!
  • 5 minutes from home!
  • 20 hours a week, and they’re flexible!
  • Small not for profit thingummy dedicated to the welfare of old people – so I can make a difference and care about it.
  • The stuff they need done, is the stuff I love to do.

All in all, this day almost rivals the other Red Letter Day in my year – the day several months ago that the Tax Office said I didn’t owe them nuffin, and in fact they owed ME quite a lot.  Enough for me to live on while I finished my 2 old novels and started on my new one.  THAT was a pretty damn frabjous day, too!

There’s no joy in life quite like the joy of finding out you’ve suddenly got some money when before you had none!


Except perhaps the joy of really wanting something (in this case, a job) and then being given it, like an early Christmas present!  Talking of which, the day Simon gave me a Kindle was also profoundly spiritually uplifting…mmmm.

I’m going to buy the dogs and cat something yummy and then I’m going to go to the op shop and treat myself to somebody’s old jumper!


  1. FUCKING HELL!!!! That’s great … i didn’t read ANYTHING but the first line. Anything else??? 😉

  2. no that’s it! I’m VERY happy! And YOU and D have fun in Alaska, alright? I know you will – it looks fantastic. Altogether this must be a very good week (well sufficient unto the day, but so far…)

    1. I read the rest … just off the phone with honey-buns (packing tips and all) .

      Free and easy parking, flex hours, a job you CARE about, 5 minutes from home! My God, that’s closer to work than i am … course i walk. That is nice too. I’m thrilled for you. The family is in good shape, kids, animals: Rose, by other names 😉 xo

      1. Maybe I should ride there. My bike is falling apart – but maybe I could do something with it, just maybe…(meaning, maybe one of my friends will do something with it). See, you’re an inspiration already.

  3. “Small not for profit thingummy dedicated to the welfare of old people – so I can make a difference and care about it.” –Love it! That’s the holy grail if you have to join the rat race 🙂

    1. Yep – I’m a little scared that because it’s something different that I haven’t done before, a different work field, I won’t do as well as expected – but what the hell, I’ll live!

      1. Yes they do.They euthanase them with a needle, which doesn’t hurt – but so many animals come to shelters, they have a fixed time limit before they have to dispose of them – otherwise they’d be too full to accept any more. Some shelters also euthanase animals which can’t be/are unlikely to be sold for one reason or another, like being too old, too sick, having a disability or having temperament problems (eg developed through neglect or cruelty). Fosterers can help in that they can train abused animals to trust again, and they can give an animal a bit more time to find a home.

      2. I guess it depends on the individual shelter. Here, there’s no such thing as a no kill shelter (except I guess for a fostering arrangement) as far as I know, but in INdia or elsewhere, maybe there is.

  4. Well deserved Rose, good to see that you’ve landed a job that’s got all those positives!

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