The Karma Challenge – Week 8 (Disaster Strikes!)

In every challenge, there is a moment when the challenger takes on too much and comes crashing down on her karmic arse.

If I get run over now I’ll probably be reincarnated as a lonely witchetty-grub in a camp-ful of hungry indigenous people who’ve signed up for a traditional cuisine challenge with Bear Grylls.

So – last week I promised myself I’d go a whole week without saying anything nasty.  For the non-Buddhists among you, Right Speech is the third tenet of Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.  As the Buddha saith:

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

Trailertrash Deluxe, of whom I’ve spoken before, isn’t a fan of Right Speech, and I kinda get where he’s coming from (I think).  I’m not that into BEING nasty but I really love being free to TALK nasty  (just a little, sometimes) – plus that kind of talk’s a lot less boring than the nice kind (again, just a little, sometimes?).

Anyway, I tried.  The results were..just nasty.

On Saturday night I took my best friend to see Carmen, the opera.


Since I’m still learning how to be a femme fatale, I thought it’d be educational for me, and titillating for him.  So we’re sitting there, and the stage empties, and I think, right, intermission! So I say to him, kinda loudly, ‘That Carmen, she just isn’t sexy.  And she’s dressed all wrong!  And as for that sexy dancing on tables number, I could dance better than that ANY DAY!’.  Then I realise it’s not the intermission, nobody else is saying anything, and the orchestra is trying to play a little mid-scene tune – over my complaints.  Shut the f up, Rose!

But it gets worse.  Yesterday I was going through my email and there’s a nice comment from The Hook commending me on my work, as he sometimes does.  So without looking at the work he’s commending me on, apparently, I scribble something self-deprecating back to the effect that it’s just me having writer’s diarroeah – and click send.  A little later, I notice another comment, this time from my friend Iamnotshe.  I thought you LIKED my poem, says Mel.  Er, what?  Oh shit – a re-blog! So instead of saying MY stuff is shit, I’ve said HER stuff is shit!  When it’s not shit, it’s wonderful, and clever, and best of all it’s about ME.  Dig yourself out of that one, Rose.

Did I make up for all this by wearing the Pink Tee Shirt of Doom?  Well, yeah, sure, I wore it for two days, got a few incredulous grins – and then stopped wearing it because it got too cold.  Totally wimpy.  Anyway instead of saying Free Hugs on it, it should say Free Nervous Grimaces.  That’s the introvert’s version – it’ll be available in the shops real soon.

To top it all off I’ve called at least two fellow bloggers who revel in their sumptuous femininity, ‘he’.  Sorry?

This is the Week of Karma Disaster.   Minus HOW many points, Captain Savage?

My question for next week is – SHALL I go to the ball?? By which I mean, the Sydney Writer’s Festival. I’ve never been to a Writer’s Festival. I don’t know anyone.  It’s a long drive. In my Hugs Tee Shirt?  Fairy Godmother! Where ARE you!!!



  1. OH MY GOOOOOOOOODNESS — a squirting worm! From a mouth no less. That fellow is interesting. How’s that for “nice talk”.

    OH MY ROSE OH ROSE (oh famous Rose of another name, but twice as sweet) .. 😉

    Silly you. Hook was commenting on your story, i’m sure. Whatever. I am SO GLAD we are friends. I certainly am not known for being “correct” all the time, if EVER .. as i’ve already freaked out a blog friend this morning with some honest remarks … (Does Buddha consider honest talk, nice talk) HA HA … and will probably never hear from my sweet, fragile friend again.

    I’m lost …

    What i’m trying to say is, it’s much less upsetting to live without a lot of judgment on one’s karma. At least we care that we’re doing silly things and we’d like to take EVERY ONE of them back, or at least a few. Buddha has a way of cutting us all slack, however, i assume he doesn’t want to waste his breath ALL the time. Karma surely will stick it to me in a few moments. But i can wait … lost again.

    I WISH I could go to Carmen with you! I’m certain she was dressed all wrong friend. 100,000 points for honesty.

    1. Actually in Buddhism (talking as a non-expert here) Buddha doesn’t make any judgements, karma is sort of like gravity, what goes up must come down. So if you want more honesty in the world, guess you gotta be honest, but kindly. If you say to someone, I love you and appreciate you and I want you to know what I feel, which is THIS – well, I think that’s brave and good and nice. I’m not always that nice – nice all the time can be boring and a bit too righteous to swallow….And talking about Mr Grylls, he’s cute when he takes his things off (not with the grub though so much). I’ll see if I can find a picture of him looking sexy, to cheer us all up.

      1. Ok, no worms. I hope all the divinities up there like a laugh, there’s a lot to laugh at down here (and cry at, but we won’t think about that right now).

      2. Great … no crying until all other avenues are tested. No use jumping into the river until we’ve tried every cement road. Stay afloat, and GET JOBS you like, course, and may you make lots of money, or at least some money to buy great dog food and hair products!

      3. Must be nice to have two jobs begging you … well, not the actual jobs begging … you know. GET the one YOU like. I have a good feeling.

      4. Well you know what, the one I don’t want so much is supposed to ring me back tomorrow, the one I DO want will let me know on Monday. Ie when the one I don’t want, will need me to start work! ARe you following? Me neither! So suppose the wrong one rings tomorrow – do I say no and wait for the right one to ring? But what if I do and the right one rings and says no we don’t want you! You see how hard it all is? Oh well, I leave it in the hands of fate! Maybe they’ll BOTH say they don’t want me.

      5. Oh, now that’s positive thinking … and no i’m not following except to say …

        Ask Job #1 if you can have the weekend to think about it (for “x” reason).

        If you don’t have that option, maybe Job 1 REALLY isn’t the one you want, if they won’t wait.

        All right … those are my gems of wisdom for now … i must put clothes on and go to work. YAY. BOO.


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