Thems Fightin’ Worrds!

You gotta say that with a thick Northumbrian accent, ok?

This post is to celebrate two dear friends and fellow Warriors from the blogosphere, the Star Warrior (otherwise known as Iamnotshe) and the Peace Warrior (otherwise known as Sharmishtha Basu).

That’s enough about them, now let’s get back to ME.  I asked my dear blog-friend Mel  if she’d draw one of her pictures for me One Day….and one day came, and lo, it was Now, and it was Me.

I have to admit having my picture drawn EVEN by Mel was a bit confronting for me because part of me thinks I’m as ugly as I am clever, and any actual representation of my face is therefore very scary (or not, as the case may be).  But the best thing in these cases is just to open your arms wide and accept yourself exactly as you are  (works for resisting tickles, also).  So THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU dear Mel and I will treasure this drawing ALWAYS.

And in return, here is a story for Mel and all those others out there who fight the good fight against the Drones of Vogue!  Go screw yourself, Cosmo!



The Sky Guard walked towards her, legs impossibly long – literally – in sky high heels and silk stockings. The Vogue badge on her outsized chest threw the light back from the strobe in the guard tower.  The beam caught her full in the face, picked out hard-angled cheekbones and lips like a puffer fish, then moved on.

Was she an android, the Star Warrior wondered, or a human, built to look like one?  And more to the point, how did she fit all the regular organs in, with that height to weight ratio.  She waited, hand on hip.

“Ok, freeze!”

Melissa raised a rhinestone-covered hand.

“Babe, I’m unarmed. You don’t need to be afraid of little ole’ me!”

The guard drew her nuclear-powered sabre.  Over-armed as well as over-dressed, thought Mel.   But we’ll see who wins this little catfight!


Now my friend Sharmishtha is another sort of warrior.  Every Thursday SHE posts a list of blogs that aim to change the world just a little bit for the better.  Sharmishtha the Peace Warrior wants to know, how would YOU change the world if you could? WELL????????

APART from throwing stupid people off cliffs? (no sorry, that was my friend Violent Violet, shutup Violet)

  • I’d scrap traditional education and replace it with a curriculum completely focused on kindness, empathy, tolerance and a big dollop of critical thinking.
  • I’d institute universal free child care and preschool ?  Why? So people who don’t love their kids can give them to other people to love, at least in the daytime.  Which leads me to…
  • My other idea – huge taxes on people who do things with paper money which I can’t understand, to be used to give even huger pay increases to (good) teachers, nursing home staff and child care workers.
  • Whopping penalties for people who are cruel to animals or children or, well, anyone – involving hard labour planting up our cities with vegies and flowers and re-painting everything in rainbow colours.
  • Knighthoods and Australia Day honours to be ripped from Rupert Murdoch and any other rich creepy person and re-allocated to those people who rescue kids from burning buildings and the Cat Lady.
  • All workplaces to allow people to bring their pets, children and old mothers to work.  Any time this takes from actual ‘work’, will be withdrawn from ‘meeting’ time.
  • Summer street parties with chocolate and dancing and Stevie Wonder and lots of old people and kids and EVERYBODY.  These to be organised by Registered Extroverts.  That’ll teach the bastards.

Any other ideas?

And finally i want to say hello to:

White Lady in the Hood. I went in a hood once. I was scared. But White Lady isn’t.  She lives in her Hood, teaches little kids and she’s one of the funniest nicest real-est warmest people in the blogosphere.

365 Days of Goodness, who’s involved in ‘Project Goodness’. The focus of her most recent post is teaching kids to get involved in helping people out.  If all ‘helping’ projects involved cute kittens, I think I could get Ms M on board.

The Truth Warrior. With every dash of peace and love and universal harmony there’s gotta be a dollop of ‘get real – I effin HATE people, I wanna throw them all off cliffs!’.  Violet, I already TOLD you to get OFF this blog!!!  The Truth Warrior says it’s ok to feel what you feel. Emotions aren’t good, they aren’t bad, they just are. Couldn’t agree more…


  1. Rose captured above is the outer beauty of you…
    But hidden beneath is an even lovelier you,
    A person who’s insights are very astute
    And who’s ideas can also be ever so cute
    Ideas they flow from you like a cascading river
    And cut through the world sliver by sliver
    I’m sure that your blog is followed by many
    Who find your insights so extremely canny
    But as well being clever, your humour is great
    It’s part of the reason I want to stay mates!
    So thank Mel for capturing this view of my friend
    And I hope that her blogging will never end!


    Capt. Savage

  2. OK, i must get my Rose Poem and my Favorite Mona Lisa sketch on i am not she. You rock. Dang, i wish i were trying to do good in the world like the peace warrior 😉
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I’m glad you have relaxed about my happiness of drawing your lovely face. Americans are such bullocks about who and what they find beautiful. So CHOKE ON it VOGUE … set us free!!!! Rose is the epitome of beauty: Kind, caring, Vegan … karma-lotta! xo

  3. Loved your list of world improvements, especially since they focus on the underdogs and those unable to fend for themselves due to age or species. You are a wise woman!

  4. thanks a lot my dear, sweet, priceless friend, i loved the sketch mel has painted of you. its sweet and so are you.

    i feel pretty smug about my femininity, thats why i never hide that i am a woman and i dont want people to mistake me as a man.

      1. in my entire life after facing all types of prejudices against women i have never regretted being one. its always better to be a prey than a predator that kills for fun.

    1. Rose, I will have more lovey stuff tomorrow. As for now, I am ready for rest. I’ll explain when I’m not on a phone.

  5. “in my entire life after facing all types of prejudices against women i have never regretted being one. its always better to be a prey than a predator that kills for fun”- this is a very very provocative comment Sharmishtha..definitely a lot of food for thought. Irrespective of the battle of the sexes, this comment can be well appropriated for understanding and pondering upon a series of issues that we all face in the course of our everyday lives. I am intrigued and enlightened!


    1. dear amit,
      the prey can always get her vengeance 🙂
      when she does her conscience will be clean. she can do whatever her little heart asks her to do without least crease on her fair brow.

      1. there are some fields of my life, in which if someone trespasses he/she will get the dish handed out by me. 🙂

        if needed i will chase him/her to hell and deliver it or make him/her eat that.

        i am a firm believer of ignoring harmful actions, knowing God will take care but if someone insists too much….

  6. Reblogged this on iamnotshe and commented:
    I’d like to present, the incredibly talented ROSE (of Mona Lisa fame) who wrote this fantastic and fantastical story about Me! How about that? I’m honored and chuffed (borrowed word from Rose).

    Thank you Rose, you are a Karma Queen. 100 Points!

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