Oh no that’s not me..I was just trying her on thanks!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could try on a few different lives, the same way you try on dresses in a changing room – instead of getting stuck with the same boring old one you’re born with!

Mind you I guess that’s more or less what happens, if 100 million Indians are right.  You sit up there in the celestial waiting room, like a tick on a bush, then when you see a nice life about to be born, you leap onto it and there you go, another ninety years on the treadmill, if you’re lucky.





Is there competition for ‘bodies’ in this scenario? Like, do lots of people try to get into George Clooney when he’s born, while you have to bribe available souls to hop onto, say, a peasant in post-war North Korea?









The closest I can get to this ‘degustation menu’ approach to life is, well, this blog…or maybe my hundred fake internet dating profiles (no not really, though I did once have three).







Is life about learning to be who you truly are?  Or is it about learning to be who you truly should be? Alternatively, it may be about learning to be a whole heap of OTHER people (while still hanging on to the old you, as a fallback, in case none of them really work out).  I like that idea the best!



  1. Now that babe is gorgeous. The first pic looks like you of YouTube video fame. I may have to get to work today … as the boss is out and i can print something to work from. So i’ll work on my work at his work place.

    And, yes, i’d rather take someone else’s bod into the dressing room with me, instead of my own gravity-influenced flesh, but it is what it is. At least i’m used to it.

    Where’s the ADVENTURE 😉

    1. Meryl Streep! Yeah she’s just great. Actually I met my ex-husband while I was dressed up as the French Lieutenant’s Woman (that’s her in the hood thing). I sometimes like to fantasise about my inner bitch – but if I really could ‘put her on’, I wouldn’t. Maybe my inner adventuress…or sparkly cowgirl with a golden heart!

      1. I love your hair. Just thought i’d say so. Mel’s world is full of flat hairness. Naturally curly is a gift from the Gods or Godesses. Gods may be prone to baldness and may not care for long locks. hmmm.

    2. Bald on top. He’s adorable. He’d probably rather have hair, but he’s not too vain. I like him!

      1. I got turned on to bald guys by my ex – and haven’t really turned off to them yet, despite how yucky he was. Bald is good. Who cares about hair, if you love them!

  2. I don’t know really, some people can already do this (have a personality multiplicity), and sometimes within the one party. I’ve watched one particularly talented individual turn from a pleasant easy going person into a jealous green eyed monster in moments, then into a violent nasty foot stamping, snorting piglet. Afterwards, the next morning, this person turned to a simpering wimp-ette begging for forgiveness, but by that time the victim had seen enough and was looking for the exits. The wonders of alcohol…

    And unfortunately I may know the victim personally…

    Capt. Savage
    (I’ve seen the best and the worst of myself, often in my own mirror)

      1. Oh I’ll have to be more subtle in my digs then won’t I… And it’s 11.27 this little Army Officer is off to bed. Letter written to my daughter, the odd blog comment made, just have to finish my cup of hot milo and cuddle up to my Ted.

        Night Night your green eyed monster (and it wasn’t you BTW, but you know that, it was LS)…


      2. Oh dear, Capt. Savage, first of all, i hope you don’t take anything i say as a serious comment. I am but a silly parker who teases relentlessly.

        With that being said, Milo isn’t slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer is it? I googled it because i was curious whether it was tea or a delicious concoction of evil spirits?

        Just butting in, in my usual yankee outfit, me. Ta ta melissa

      1. An American boyfriend of mine (the only US one I’ve ever had) once sent me a packet of Oreos in the mail cause he thought they didn’t have them here. So sweet! But they do – in the supermarket.

      2. It IS? I’ll take your word for it! I don’t eat oreos OR drink beer or whisky. But – I did eat a whole easter egg yesterday. Miss M didn’t eat it since Easter, so I figured she wasn’t going to. Then I felt sick. Sorry – bit irrelevant.

      3. I have a small sketch of you … and i’m hoping i can get a clearer pic, that is larger. Would you be willing to share a photo i can blow up ;-). I printed your “moniker” ? and it’s cute, but a bit blurry. Thoughts Madam writer?

      4. NO WHISKEY: We are not compatible. I have a philosophy of moderation in all areas of life except highly toxic substances which are BANNED. It works for me … and i’m sticking with what works for me! I’ve fixed a lot of stupid things about myself. One benefit of being an old woman. Lots of time to figure out the obvious …. ?

      5. No worries about the photo. I look like a dork in my pics. There is something that does not compute with my face or bod when the lens points my way. Truly. Don looks like a million bucks every time the camera is on. He really does.

  3. Looks like you pegged it – be a professional actress! (and you couldn’t pick a better example than Streep!)
    I don’t like the Indian philosophy,because you don;t gt to remember the previous cycles.
    Maybe you’re at the pinnacle of what you dreamed for last time around?
    (Though I’m pretty sure you’ll keep getting better on this turn of the wheel…)

    1. Actually I sort of wonder if people only act cause there’s something wrong with them – a sort of borderline personality disorder. No I don’t like that either, what’s the point if you don’t remember! And how can you learn lessons if you don’t – do you sit up in some cosmic space sort of studying up previous lives and thinking, ok, I won’t do that again! And yeah, it feels like the pinnacle of something, sometimes – other times, not so much.

  4. I realize this is a light conversation but I like to think that we can try on different personnas to find out who we are. Each of us is unique and has lots to offer. The heck with the perfect bod; eventually it will be claimed by gravity. Make the most of who you can be. That’s the ticket! That’s my two cents anyway.

    1. Yeah, I like to think that too. I sometimes try bits of my friends on, and if I like them, I keep them. AS for bodies, I agree with you, who cares. Mine is alright, I don’t want to look like anybody else. But to be? maybe. Sometimes.

  5. I like your new philosophy at butimbeautiful. Witty, with a slight slant towards fart jokes. It’s a date!

      1. Oh I hate Vogue, Elle, and i don’t even know the fashion rags anymore, or are you talking about Madonna’s dancing days, c’mon vogue … OK … i’m cooked.

  6. I think there is no “complete” personality, just a series of traits and changing thoughts and perceptions, constantly adapting, growing, reshuffling.

    If I were to put it in chemistry terms, and people were elements, no one would achieve a ‘stable octet’. The grass is always greener, too hot, too cold, wanting life to speed up, wanting it to slow down or reverse.

    Retrospect is a funny thing.

  7. I do like the idea of trying out different lives. It would make living so much easier because like clothing you could say “nope-too tight, nope-too bossy… yep this one is just right” 🙂

  8. How did I miss this post?? (It must have coincided with my return to Plenty of Fish when my inbox literally exploded with offers from all sorts of unsuitable men for a few days. And that, by the way, is my third dating profile… The way you described it in your post makes me think that three profiles might be considered excessive. I like the attention). But I digress… I love the idea of trying on different selves! I remember reading about an exercise for getting at what we most value by imagining all our different possible selves and the clothes each self would have. I had fun imagining “Bond Girl,” “Soccer Mom,” “Adventure Woman,” “The Artiste,” and “Susie Teacher”. But looking at the photos in your post makes me think I should have dreamed bigger! Your blog is one of the pleasures in my day!

    1. I have to try these weird dating sites! I haven’t got into dating yet cause I want to focus on writing – but when I do, you’ve inspired me to go further afield! I like multiple profiles – as I probably said. It’s fun. I got caught out a few times though. If you can carry off ‘Bond Girl’ good on you! Anyway thanks so much for stopping by!

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