How to Prepare for an Infestation of Zombies

Last night as I travelled around the net at breaknetneck speed I came across the following interesting discussion:

Why Karma?! ..Recently I read a blog about Karma, which had some particular things, things which I couldn’t agree upon.  So, I decided to point my views.  You can aspire to serve your country. You can aspire to work with honesty and commitment. You can aspire to..(various other things).  You can aspire to serve your parents till the world’s end. But the fact is that, none of all that has anything to do with Karma. Quite obviously, you don’t have to think of the results when you serve your parents, do you? Karma may be like, “What goes around comes around”, but there are no expectations in life. Because Expectations = Sorrow.

This made me think about what I really believe.  And here it is.

Suppose the whole of your world is a room. Suppose you live like a pig in this room – you leave your food scraps around, you shit in the corner, you smash the plates and pee on the walls, and what’s more, you’re stinky to anyone else who happens to live in there with you.  Here’s your room.


Who wants to live in a room like this? Nobody (well just about nobody – ok, alright sure you do).

How about this nice clean room then? Ok it’s a bit PINK. But still – much nicer than the other one, no?

No cosmic force, no divine retribution, is coming into play to make your life a miserable one, in the first crappy, cockroach infested paradise – you did it all yourself.  Likewise, whoever put together the pink Oriental effort is probably pretty pleased with it, and deserves to be.


But hang on, shouldn’t you clean your room because a clean room is JUST good, in and of itself?  Well, YES – but when you pimp your world, it’s pimpier (is that a word?) not only for you but for everyone else in it.  And that’s ultimately WHY a clean room is good.  Like your mother probably told you, right?

BUT – says some whinger in the corner of the bar – WHAT IF you’ve been cleaning your room day in day out, and then your room mate comes home with one of those awful zombie viruses, and pretty soon everyone in the room is coming to bits and trying to chomp you up?

That’s what you might call ‘the luck of the draw’.  Still, if you ARE going to die of an infestation of zombies, you might as well do it on clean sheets.


Just kidding.

For this post I’d like to thank the 100 Smile Challenge Blog for suggesting ways that nasty people can have fun doing good. Sort of.

“Karma is a tricky thing. To serve Karma, one must repay good Karma to others. To serve Karma well, one must sometimes deliver bad Karma where it is due.” ― M.R. Mathias

The Happiness Cocktail, for reminding me about Amma, who travels around offering people Free Hugs. Maybe I could make a living offering really CHEAP hugs. $1 each? Any takers?

Je t’aime California, because she sells cruelty free stuff that is NOT tested on animals – unlike L’Oreal, who make rabbits wear mascara till their little eyes go all red and weepy.

And of course Sidhupanda. You are SO RIGHT, and thanks for giving me something to think about.


  1. No need to convince me–I love a clean room. But if I had to clean the room in that image you showed? Good karma or not, I may avoid that one. 🙂

  2. OK, i’m visual. That is a very pink room. I’d much rather be pink than on TLC for being the Hoarder extraordinaire. Messy messy, ewww i’m so delicate.

      1. Lordie, you should see my “art” room. MESS and dust bunnies are taking over my world. That explains some of my crazies. XO m

      2. I wish I could see your art room. You should post a pic of it sometime. I LOVE your art. One day I’m gonna ask you to draw me something (and you’re gonna say no!).

      3. Alright, well you think about what you’d like the story of your life to be, if someone wrote it up in Wikipedia and it was exactly the way you always dreamed…

    1. Jesus! Dunno. I’ll think on it, right? and YOU, pick out your most beauteous pic that you’d like Mel’d 😉 XO mel I’m waiting ….

      1. Actually it’s not so much a picture of me I’d like – though it’s up to you – it’s more a picture for my fiction. Like my latest post, Rage…it’s about a mermaid who’s just killed her human lover, for whom she gave up everything. It’s part of the novel I’m writing (at least, it will be, when I get to that bit). Do you think you could do a picture of something abstract/non-existing like that? Or only pictures of real people? I could always try to look angry and send you a pic of that! (actually, I hardly EVER look or get angry – which is why I had to write that piece of fiction).

      2. I’ll snap an image of you from your YouTube fame. Me, i dunno. Make me a crazy, gun slingin’ maiden, sparkly jewelry, leather and lace, and jeans … with a heart of gold … like a Rogue Hooker … up to you. xo mel

      3. Alright! It’s a deal. It might take me till about Friday…and you might have to be a bit forgiving, seeing as I might step on toes I didn’t know were there and things like that! and THANKYOU! I’ll treasure it! I kind of like that gun slinging image myself actually.

  3. “and then your room mate comes home with one of those awful zombie viruses”, oh I hate when that happens… Those zombie viruses are the worst! :p
    great post 🙂

  4. I NEED to have an orderly work space or forget it. When I can’t find EVERYthing I need right away, I’m a gonner and cannot concentrate. I have to leave the building until everything is back to order. Sorry but that’s my truth.

  5. BTW, loved the little play on words… “I travelled around the net at break(net)neck speed” Unfortunately the strikeout bit doesn’t come out when I cut and pasted this, but a nice play on words Rose. I’d expect nothing less 😉


  6. Gun slinging tough chick with wild hair. Good enough and no pressure about this … If/when you have time OR the inclination. You’ll have to be forgiving with my sketch or painting… I’m slumping a little. Aaaaaaaaa

  7. I really enjoyed this post,butimbeautiful! You have a very unique brand of humor and writing!!

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