The Karmic Challenge – Week Five

A jug fills drop by drop.


The Aspiration

To be a better daughter and to stop thinking mean and bitchy thoughts.

The Reality

The more I get into this thing the more I think, what exactly is the point? What am I trying to do here?

At first it was a joke. Like a lot of my life decisions, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Maybe, magically, if I did something different, my life would change for the better.  If not, at least it’d be an interesting experiment.

Now I’m starting to think it takes more than a few late night resolutions to actually change.  Changing is the hardest thing anyone can do – lots of people want to do it, and hardly anyone really does.  Real change is not just swimming upstream against the world, it’s swimming upstream against yourself.  The real me just wants to stay home and write.  BUT –

Bitchy Thoughts

Like I said, this week I really tried not to think too many VIOLENT PSYCHOTIC EVIL thoughts.  Actually I was so busy this week I more or less forgot to anyway – but not quite!


Reaching out

  • Halinka, we’ve been friends for15 years.  In that time, you’ve told me many times how special I am to you, and that’s really bucked me up.  But I’ve never really reciprocated, cause we British Australians don’t do soppy stuff.  Anyway, last week you were sad and stressed, so I gave you a hug and told you I loved you.  You rock, babe. 3 POINTS (you’ve got no idea how painful it was to actually say something, you know….ewww)
  • Stan, I picked you up at a party 6 years ago, cause you looked like a really nice bloke. In that time, you’ve always been there for me, picking up my car when I broke down on the road halfway to Sydney, offering support when I broke up with the Demon Ex.  We don’t have too much in common, and it’s usually you that rings ME.  I haven’t heard from you for a year and I kinda wondered if you were ok – but I was too busy to ask.  Yesterday I rang you and we fixed up to have dinner sometime.  You’re crap with personal finances, Stan, but you’re a Good Man.  May good things come to you (but not necessarily in cash). 3 POINTS
  • Mum, I don’t know how much longer you’re going to be around. When you think about it, I could’ve said that about anyone, anytime.  But now the situation’s slightly more urgent and I’m calling in once every couple of days, because the time’s coming when I’ll never see your dear face again.  Let’s not get soppy though, alright? 0 POINTS, YOU OUGHTA BE NICE TO YOUR MUM ANYWAY.

Captain Savage and Rose try out for The X Factor

Yeah, we sing and look like complete dags. Whatever!

Next Week

I promise to write a story JUST for sis.  In it, she’s gonna be a saint. No, a real one. The first atheist ever to sit on the right hand of God.  Sis, you are going to LIKE this story, I guarantee! And THEN you’re going to cook me dinner????


    1. Thanks El Guapo! Love that name btw – how’d you come up with it? I try to remember what I said I’d do last week but I’m hopelessly disorganised so sometimes I just do what seems good at the time. The idea is to sort of break out of the ordinary though.

      1. El Guapo was the name of the villain in The 3 Amigos.
        On the other hand, after you do it for 52 weeks, hopefully the good karma behavior will become the ordinary…

  1. OK, points to Cpt. Savage for holding puppy dog. Very nice doggie indeed.

    Thanks for lifting my karma-challenged mind to another level of dissonance and distrubances. 🙂 xo mel

      1. Me and my soul sis are working on my stupid ass post! I judge myself a lot more harshly than most people including my buddy. Damn my karma boat has a big fucking hole in it …. Drowning oo and a X

      2. She is my floating device in many situations. She does love me! … and it ain’t because Jesus told me. I’ve got it on good advice from a dog. Harper knows all … crazy mel rides again.

  2. I loved your’ guys song, very cute! (and I don’t mean that in a patronizing way, I like cute!)
    What you said about the real you just wanting to stay home and write (and then in the song, didn’t you say something about staying home sad?) Well, my question is this: If you just stay home and write, don’t you eventually run out of things to write about?

    1. No, because writing is what I do, in my heart and soul (even if I do it badly) – I have more ideas than I have time in my life! But I need input, and I don’t get that from staying at home – I’ve got to go out and interact with the world in new and different ways, because the world’s my subject. Hope that doesn’t sound too arty farty. Thanks so much for the compliment – we are SO lame but we have heaps of fun so we don’t mind!

      1. NO! It doesn’t sound too arty-farty, and it’s exactly what I was talking about! See, I find that if I spend too much time alone, and NOT with people, NOT experiencing things, my writing either becomes stilted, or I lose enthusiasm, or I just run out of things to say…I get so inward looking and thinking that expressing my ideas in print becomes less of a “need”….I just wondered if that was the same with you?

  3. This is not very profound, but it is absolutely sincere. I LOVED the video! 🙂 I almost always find it a delightful surprise when someone who’s blog I have some familiarity with, does a video, and you and your friend did yours quite well!

    1. Thanks! For a moment there I thought you were saying my blog wasn’t profound, and I thought ‘What! How dare he!’. Actually I’m planning to set up an interview with Barbie, but she’s very difficult to get hold of. We’re lame I know but we had a good time being it.

      1. I’m so glad that the misunderstanding was only temporary, and that you know that I meant that it was only my comment that I judged as not very profound.

        Please give me a heads up when you land Barbie for an interview, because if she does speak to you, you’ll have a one and only exclusive, and I’d love to really know what goes on in that little blonde doll head of hers, as expressed in her own words.

        And from my own experience, I’ve found that sometimes being lame, is one of the best good times that people can have. 🙂

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