The Golden Shatner Award!

The brilliant and interesting Melancholically Manic Mouse – I’m not going to say she’s beautiful because although I bet she is, who cares when you blog as well as she does –  has kindly given me this award and I’m very grateful indeed to her!

Who WOULDN’T want an award with somebody looking soulfully into the upper distance like that! If I hadn’t known that was William Shatner I would’ve mistaken it for Alexander the Great giving one of his famous Looks.  As MMM says, ‘it’s so Golden!’

Here is Alexander.  VERY similar!


Now it’s my solemn duty to nominate four other bloggers for the Blogging Awesomeness Award, so I’m going to nominate people who are slightly less youthful than some other people, because we should stick together. And if any of the people I’ve awarded aren’t actually as un-youthful as I’ve made out, too bad – you will be one day and then you’ll wish you’d accepted this Golden Shatner Award with grace and gratitude instead of whingeing that you’re only 24 and shit like that. And so without further ado here are my picks.

Being Old, who sums up a common dilemma of getting on a bit, thus – “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple…” as Jenny Joseph wrote: but she said it from a position of not being old. Reading it when I was young, I thought it was a charming and amusing poem, but now….  It’s ridiculously hard to know what to wear. 

Never Contrary. I have to thank this lady for the immortal lines, I have reached the point in my life where I have a decent amount of grey hair and I want to show it. I am proud that I getting older. Hell, If I wasn’t I would be dead right?

A Look Forward has a Plan of Action.  She says she wants a cliff ending, has a bucket list, and that ‘this blog will be about change‘.  I really hope I’m that feisty and keen when I’m 69.

Dirty Laundry discusses when to go grey. Well when DO you go grey? It looks dumb when you’re 70 and your hair’s still chestnut, but it takes 5 years off when you’re fifty, and at 50 you really NEED those 5 years.

Thank you ladies, you’re inspirational! And thank you again Mouse!  AND perhaps Dotty Headbanger, who I have a feeling is the originator of this spectacularly titled tribute. (???)


  1. Although Alexander is great, he’ll never be as solidly golden as that Shat, nor will he have that look of deep concentration that penetrates the entire universe. You’re so kind and noble for taking this award (one of the most honorable in the blogging world) and so selfless for sharing it with the unfortunate Shatnerless ones. 😉

  2. Dear butimbeautiful,

    No, no, it wasn’t me – it was Victor Tookes (Chief Inspector John the Aussie unmasked him). I don’t know how to put links in comments but if you look at my new Dotty The Award Slut page his link is there.

    Love Dotty xxx

    1. Oh, Victor Tookes! Ok well I’m off to thank the magnificent Mr Tookes then. Thankyou Dotty. I’m sure you COULD have come up with this award though if he hadn’t got there first, you’re really that talented!

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