A funny thing happened on the way to Nirvana..

It’s Good News Week, da de da de da!

Well no actually not in THIS song – BUT – taking a trip around the blogosphere, I’ve realised – der! – that Captain Savage and me are WAY behind when it comes to the pursuit of Good Deeds  There are some amazing – and hilarious – things going on out there in the world of Karma.  To name but a few

What the World Needs

A chocolate shop where you buy chocolates not with money but with Good Deeds???  What a fantastic idea! (Do they pay the people they rent the space off with Good Deeds though?) ANYWAY it’s priceless. Literally.


We probably all know Gulf States have really tricky immigration laws – and if you don’t fulfil your visa requirements, they’re just as likely to beat you up as they are to deport you. Well, here’s a guy who started a Facebook page to lend money to people who get stuck in Catch 22 visa situations in Bahrain – just out of the goodness of their hearts!  What, a Middle Eastern cell who aren’t plotting World Domination? Can this be?

Random Musings of a Random Girl

Some people say Generations X, Y, Z and whatever comes after that are progressively more selfish and materialistic.  Singapore’s got a reputation as the World’s Most Anal City. And yet, here’s a group of Singaporean dudes and dudettes doing stuff like creeping up on sleeping students at exam time and leaving them a a little note ‘While you were asleep’ and a snack – or leaping up and down waving ‘Have a Great Day’ banners at total strangers.  The second video has got to be the happiest youtube thing you’ve ever seen.  Well done guys but remember not to drop your sweet wrappers!

Gizmo and Stitch

This site invites cold, hard-edged Londoners to knit blankets for sad little abused puppy dogs at the iconic Battersea Dogs Home (wasn’t that where Paddington Bear was from)?  And they do!  Here is a picture of a little doggy sitting on its knitted blanket. Aww.



Martinis for Merits

This lady does a Good Deed every week – and rewards herself with a martini.  I haven’t been so inspired since…I finished a whole bottle of Baileys Irish Cream by myself on my 21st birthday!  Since I don’t drink any more maybe I’d rather reward myself now with sex or maybe cooking chocolate, but still…


  1. In all seriousness, thanks for this. Nice to know there are at least some people trying to make the world a better place! (Besides you and the Captain, of course)

  2. If only i could knit. There are a lot of good deeds going on. Many more than i’d investigated. I’m making a list of to-do’s, and treats for myself if i do my part. Not sure of a martini either … strong and silly. Sparkly jewelry is good! Vacations are nice, but not too immediate.

    Zirconia wins. Sparkly, immediate and affordable. Now for good deeds 😉

    1. That’s a good idea! I can’t knit either. I wish I could sew actually though (and liked it). I love zirconia. I can’t tell the difference between that and diamonds so to me there IS no difference! I think you should have lots of sparkly things just for being you though, no extra deedsd required.

      1. Me too. More sparkly. Lots of sparkly. I do have quite a bit, but i want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!

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