The Great Karmic Challenge – Week 5 – I’m an amoeba maybe!

The brilliant and outstandingly GOOD Captain Savage strikes again! Plus, he’s very funny. But, why has he blogged a picture of my legs???

Captsavage's Blog

Well I’ve been a bit slack and didn’t make a post for week 5, I just reposted Rose’s post… So maybe that’s a minus to start with, but re-blogging her excellent post, maybe I’m even?

So here is a combined Week 4 and Week 5

First Week 4 & 5

Aim – Introduce myself to someone new every week and try to engage them in conversation and get to know them (and I mean a real in the flesh person, not via Facebook etc.);

Reality – Well I did introduce myself to a couple of people using a dating website, but does cyber friending count? Neither is anywhere near where I live, and in both cases I found that out after starting to correspond with them (why can’t people put the truth up on their web profiles?). BTW I am actually 6’2″ with a strong dimpled chin, well-muscled shoulders and…

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