The Karmic Challenge – Week Four

TWO BLOGGERS. ONE PRIZE – 500 Karmic Points by Christmas!

The Buddha said,

The kind of seed sown
will produce that kind of fruit.
Those who do good will reap good results.
Those who do evil will reap evil results.
If you carefully plant a good seed,
You will joyfully gather good fruit.                                   

The Aspiration!

  • Become a Kid’s Friend
  • Help feed the cats
  • Be a better daughter

The Reality

Captain Savage is powering ahead, so much so that he hasn’t (yet) had time to blog his Good Deeds for the week, so I’m blogging them for him. He’ll let me know (by scratching my car with a bayonet) if I’ve left any out .   So here they are:

  • Giving his three children, including disabled twins, a lovely two week holiday in sun-kissed Queensland – and has photos to prove it! 10 POINTS
  • Standing in for his boss at work – in which capacity he gets to wear a superbly cut suit and tie and boast of attending ‘endless meetings’.  Yeah CS, I know it’s a status symbol!  1 POINT


Meanwhile this week  I’ve:

  • Gone along to an information night before enrolling as a Barnardo’s Kids Friend. You wouldn’t believe the paperwork you have to fill out to be mates with a Barnardo’s Kid!  If I make it through, I’ll be doing something fun once a week with a kid who needs some additional adult support. I actually love the idea of doing something fun, as MY kids are TOTES BORING! (Hear that Ms M, Mr F?) 3 POINTS
  • Returned to the lair of the Thousand Orphaned Puddytats. They were all gathered in one spot for dinner this time and I swear, I could almost have run over their massed backs like an Aussie sheep dog (or Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee). This time Ms M and I brought a huge tray of meat. “Thanks, that’ll be tonight’s dinner!” says Belinda the Cat Lady, and flings it to the yowling multitudes.  Ms M is now trying to convince her dad to get a kitten, to wit, Tango (see below).  3 POINTS


  • Written my mum a special story.  In which, she is not just an elderly mother but in fact the famous Grey Owl, a resistance heroine of stupendous personal charms and fearless heroism, who swashbuckles through thick German accents and swooning Frenchmen to rescue the man of her dreams – my dad (who sadly is dead so can’t enjoy his promotion to Captain in the Third Airborne Division of the RAAF).  3 POINTS

And the story? I’m not going to bore anyone with the whole lot but it began like this…


With acknowledgements to

 The petite, quiet young woman in the dove grey suit and matching pillbox hat sipped her hot chocolate in the sunny window of a small café in Montpelier, France.  Although she seemed intent on her copy of Madame Bovary, her cool hazel eyes missed nothing.

A shadow fell on the checked table cloth, blocking her light. She looked up.

“Mademoiselle, you are alone? May I join you?  Let me introduce myself, my name is Armand…”

Long-lashed, innocently sultry eyes met rakish green ones.  Mademoiselle Fifi smiled sweetly.

“I prefer to be alone, thank you,” she answered politely, in a perfect Parisian accent.  The tall strikingly handsome Frenchman regarded her with bemused admiration.

“But a woman so beautiful, so elegant!  It must not be! Are you engaged, perhaps, that you prefer your own company?”

Mademoiselle Fifi sighed……..


  • Sent an email to President Hu asking him to please stop milking Moon Bears for bile, and another one to Australia’s PM asking her to please not be mean to cows.  Fat lot of good that’ll do. However, I was ALSO thinking of making a SEXY VIDEO offering to take my top off for the first five hundred men who can demonstrate sincere commitment to animal welfare. Then I thought, that will probably spur them in the opposite direction.  But heck, there has GOT to be a better way to get people to do things MY way in this world. 1 POINT

Next Week’s Aspiration

I can’t think as far as next week!

No actually, how about:

  • SEXY WOMEN AGAINST CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.  This would involve me, you (all you sexy chicks out there) and heaps of cleavage and fishnets.  Does anyone think this might be a goer?
  • A WHOLE WEEK of trying not to say or think horrible things.  Does it matter what you think and say as well as what you do? Is it just your acts which have consequences, or also your motives?  For example, Mum thinks a Good Deed done for points is NOT a good deed.  What do you think?


  1. OK, i simply don’t understand why you can’t make stew out of an ex!

    However, i understand your concerns with cruelty to animals: He was an animals wasn’t ‘e? xo Mel

    Good luck with 500. Cap. Savage has some VERY cute pictures of kiddies! They are very adorable.

    1. I’d probably stun him first before I chopped him to bits, that’s the way they do it in Australia. Also he’s free range and organic, and has had a lovely life as a stud to all the local cows, so I don’t think I’d really need to feel that bad.

  2. You are a busy lady with all of these challenges! But I think involvement in Barnardo’s Kids should garner extra Karmic points. That really is a lovely thing to do. Good for you! Actions always speak louder than words, don’t they?

  3. Another great week of karmatude for both of you!
    In addition to the topless, you can threaten pics of me in assless chaps to animal abusers. Of course, someone will need to get me assless-chaps for those pics…
    (I know, surprising I don;t own any…)

    1. You don’t? Of course if you were really dedicated you’d cut the appropriate bits out of your pants! So maybe I should rename this cause, ‘Sexy Chicks AND Dudes Against Cruelty to Animals’???

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