The Karmic Challenge – Week Three

The Aspiration

To sign up to distribute bandaids in the Congo. Sorry, bad joke. Don’t get offended.

The Excuse

I’ve been working ten hours a day on my novel and on various other writing projects.  My neck is u-shaped.

The Reality

I’ve decided that I want to stop talking about doing things and DO them.  So one of the things I decided to DO – after a year and a half of sitting on it – is a short novel for my friend Nige in support of a product he sells. Nige, I’m sorry it took so long –  I would’ve been quicker if you’d given me money to write it, but am very grateful for the firewood and black stockings.  Thank you. And if you illustrate my erotic stories, I’ll be even MORE grateful . The first draft is now complete.  Does this count for points? Probably not.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about Causes. Mainly because Causes are the lazy person’s karma, but also because I’m the sort of person who gets upset about things and then never does anything about it. Here is a list of the main things I’m upset about, now:

  • Moon bears being milked for bile.
  • Dogs being eaten in Asia (although I like cows  too so that’s sort of hypocritical. It’s just that my best friends are dogs)
  • Horses being skinned alive in Mexico for glue.  I used to own horses. I still own a little blind white pony, Clipsie (pictured below), who eats me out of house and home in a nice paddock nearby.  Horses are seriously irritating pets, but I still wouldn’t want to skin you alive, Pablo (although you did knock me down once).
  • The live cattle trade in Australia. It stinks in both a literal and figurative sense.
  • Babies in orphanages in the third world. No baby should go without hugs and kisses and gruesome as nappy changing is I do think someone should do it.

You’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of people in this list. There’s no good reason for that. Other people can feel sorry for people. I sponsor two children through World Vision and I think that’s enough sympathy from me.  Also, I sometimes eat meat. It’s not meat eating I hate, it’s cruelty, plus I don’t like eating my friends. And finally…

  • Divorced parents who make their kids’ lives hell.  I HATE those people.  My parents and my ex are fantastic so this isn’t a chip on the shoulder thing, it’s perfectly altruistic indignation.  Someone else can raise awareness about Kony – and all power to them – but I’m going to raise awareness about Stupid Bitter Exes with No Sense of Parental Responsibility. Catchy? I know!

Anyway what does all this have to do with Karma? Only that I’ve now plastered my headily popular (?!) page with advertisements for charitable organisations and surely that’s gotta count for something! Captain Savage???  And will be thinking about what more I can do for Causes in the next few weeks.

Suggestions about what I can actually DO – other than donate my meagre funds – are welcome.  And I totally understand if you don’t click on this video. I wouldn’t.

Ps I also volunteered for Barnardos Kids Friends and wrote a special story for my dearest and most darling Mum. More about that later….


  1. SO OFFENDED! Where are my bandaids!? Fine list KarmaQueen to Capt. Savage. Still feeling grossed out about eating really nice animals. I love your pony. I won’t eat him either. I haven’t eaten a dog, ever. I fear that may end my search for God for good.

    Great causes btw, congrats on the book draft … keep us posted. What’s yer genre girl? M

    1. My genre – it’s chick lit I guess. I’m revising a silly novel about 2 women emailing each other and thinking god, this is total crap! Also planning another novel loosely based on the Little Mermaid story. Plus some tasteful erotic science fictiony stuff.

  2. OK, can’t watch the video, i heard the first words.

    OK, i give to ASPCA and Humane Society, Easter Seals (Granted, not much). I STILL FEEL BADLY! Maybe i’ll go veggie. Oh Dear!!! Those videos are really, really shocking, horrible, scary.

    1. I know, here’s a secret, I didn’t dare watch them either! I knew it would be horrible. But LOTS OF KARMA to you for giving to ASPCA etc! Nah, don’t go veggie (I mean do if you want, but) if you eat organic that usually means the animal’s had an ok life before it’s killed – anyway it’s the best I can do (cause Mr F is a meateater). Seriously, I think it’s a bit like slavery. Couple of hundred years ago, lots of people said, slavery? what of it? It makes the world go round and besides black people aren’t really human like us. Now we think that’s pretty shocking. In a few hundred years from now, I really hope we feel the same about inflicting cruelty on other species (and our own). Of all the things in the world, cruelty is what I hate the absolute MOST! And there endeth the rant! xoxo

      1. Ameneth. I agree. There are lots of excuses to be mean to other species … ah, we’re smarter, we need to eat other species … lots of good excuses to eat.

        Food, in large part is supposed to be (as my nutritionist says) UTILITARIAN … not orgasmic or political for that matter. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      1. OK. I’ll do it! 🙂 I think i’m cheery, actually. However, if i get a bee in my bonnet, i’ll write a sonnet. OH YES, i’ll tell ya’all. 🙂 Free to me bitchy and cheery! XO M

  3. Now this is a topic near and dear to my heart. Not necessarily the same causes, but thinking about taking a stand, about something. I’ve wrestled with “what to do” for years, for various things, and it’s also raised a few questions in my head (that may or may not be relevant) about what I’m thinking about a particular cause.

    Just to throw a couple out there…

    * Do I have enough information to understand the situation well enough to make it a legitimate Cause, or are my sources of information rather suspect/biased in a way that I *want* the information to look like?

    * Is this Cause important enough, to me, that I will see it through to whatever goal I decide I want to accomplish? Or will I be spinning my wheels in frustration on multiple Causes, when I should really pick one whole-heartedly?

    * Am I willing to accept the consequences of devoting myself to this Cause? Not just consequences for myself, but the potential ripple effect that I may not be aware of at the moment?

    (I’m a pain in the ass, aren’t I? 😉 )

    1. Yeah, you’re a big pain in the arse (that’s Aussie for ass by the way). Just kidding. No I think those are questions anyone should ask really. The bottom line in my thinking is the ‘starfish on the beach’ perspective – is doing something (however small) better than doing nothing, in terms of its effect on somebody/creature? Sometimes it’s not – there’s some interesting stuff on people visiting orphanages which are set up specifically for tourists, with kids (who HAVE parents) being malnourished for the cameras, would you believe it! But I think sponsorship through World Vision or other reputable org has gotta help – especially because they don’t focus on the kid only but on sustainably helping the community. And yeah, you can’t spread yourself too thin, better to pick something you really care about. It’s not straightforward, that’s for sure.

  4. Yep. Probably shouldn’t have clicked on that video. But I did. And just like watching the news, even though it disturbs me, I feel it is my duty to know what goes on in the world. But like you, I tend to do more pontificating on things that make me angry than putting forth any helpful actions. Thanks for making us think about these things, all while using your usual humorous spin.

  5. Very insidious. Telling us not to click on the link. Moon-bears , catchy titles — pretty funny. Also, mail me if you need some critiques on the “erotic stories”. 😀

  6. Your head and your heart are in the right place, and that’s always a good thing. My wife and I were just talking about this subject the other day – Making an effort to be aware of what’s going on in the world, and caring enough about it to voice our opinions of the wrongness of injustice, greed and cruelty that results in the suffering of others when the strong prey upon the weak.
    But then the difference between being aware and caring enough to talk about it, and actually working to DO something about it, that takes much more effort than just joining a cause, signing petitions and sending money.

    We both admitted to each other that we should be doing more… Now that we have come to that realization, we need to do something about it.

    1. Yeah I agree, being ‘aware’, and sending money and so on – well its something but everybody’s in a position to help somebody directly I guess. It doesn’t have to be a cause, it can be just someone you know – some of the goodest people I know just help their friends. Your wife and you are obviously thoughtful and decent people! (even if you do have far too much sex for a longstanding couple, or so I gather)

  7. All books sound awesome. I like the chicks emailing… It is crap isn’t it? But really timely, yea?

    1. I don’t know. I just wanted to finish it anyway, no matter if it IS crap. Timely, yeah, kind of – cause of the blogging! I think it’s probably twice as long as it should be! but whatever!

  8. Great post. Very inspiring. 🙂 I like your honesty–how you hold yourself accountable. Cheering you on!

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