Forget sexy, let’s bring HAIRY back!

Melissa of Iamnotshe has passed on YET ANOTHER AWARD! I feel very lucky that Melissa likes me! If we met in the playground I would run up to her and ask to be her friend!

The Rules and Regulations for Acceptance of the “Tell Me About Yourself” Award as as follows:

1.  You will need to Thank the person that nominated you first (me) and link the blog to that person before you start.  Melissa, thanks! You are worth EVERY CENT I pay you for awarding me! No kidding!

2. Tell the world 7 things we might find interesting about you.



Somewhere I have a list of people I’ve slept with. It’s quite long. (shut up Rose, that’s disgusting!)

  • When I was 25, I learnt how to apply lipstick. AT first I thought you had to purse your lips to put it on, like you were kissing yourself in the mirror. My girlfriend laughed a lot.

I don’t own a pair of high heels. I used to but I never wore them, owing to the proliferation of shortish or insecure men in my life, so I threw them out. Now I want them back.

  • I tried to do that thing once where you wait three months without washing your hair to get it to clean itself naturally. It never happened, I just had to wear a lot of headscarves.

I secretly want to be a dog washer. I LOVE dogs and they love me.

  • For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to write a novel about BAD people. It’s hard, cause I don’t really understand bad people. Why do they bother? I dunno.

AND THE CRUNCHER?? I love hairy men, and one day I’m going to crusade for the abolition of hair-free clinics. I love hairy women too. I just love hair. I don’t like the musical that much though, I have to admit.


3. b

Then you add your seven nominees. AND HERE THEY ARE!!

Cult of Otis.  Otis is a cat. Like all cats, she Rules. Literally.

Fathead Follies.  Check out Repo games, for those who love their tv ANd their trivia. Better than Hunger Games.

Adorably Caffeinated. Who wouldn’t adore that.  Join these feisty chicks in their search for an ad worth watching more than once. I need to watch most ads at least three times so I know what they want me to buy, but maybe that’s just me.

The Necessary Cruelty. More about cats! But this time, not so positive.

Callingintheone.  Only 49 days to attract the love of her life (is she allowed to go on reality tv?) Anti-Republican. Need I say more? Love the stories. A robot a month, or zombie a month if you prefer



  1. Well done award acceptance post! And since you’ve done it so well once, I think that doing part of it again for your current award is well worth doing it twice.

    Oh, and if you get tired of calling me Scarlet, then you can call me “Hairy”. 🙂

    This is fun! You are fun! And I should have started following you around sooner, cause I can see that I’m going to like it here.

    1. I’m all good with the hairy UNLESS it’s a hairy back. Gotta draw the line somewhere and if he doens’t worry about waking with our legs tangled in knots in the morning, that’s even better. I hate shaving my legs!

      1. Actually, I’ve never had sex with a guy with a hairy back. If the man was a sexy beast, I probably wouldn’t care how much or little hair he had, but all other things being equal, I prefer plenty of chest hair and a nice snail trail. And yeah, I don’t much like shaving either, especially the bikini line bit as it leaves a horrible rash and post-shaving pimples.

  2. Yes, well Rose, we’d be the geeky silly girls who were much smarter than all the twa** on the playground. Ooops …

    No one can pull snotty girls’ hair like me. So there!!!!! 😉

    Congratulations Karmic Comedienne, get it???

  3. Okay I’ll go for most of this apart from the neanderthal hairiness bit. But I suppose you were talking about what you like! Congrats Rose, impressive and well deserved! And naughty all at the same time, but that’s you to a T.


  4. Uh oh. Just wait for all of the weird search engine terms you’re going to get now that you put a near-naked man in your post. I made the mistake of putting an image of a shirtless Will Smith in one of my posts, and now I keep getting searches for “Will Smith naked.” Have fun! 🙂

    1. Yeah I noticed that. It made me think, god, why haven’t I ever searched on Will Smith you think there ARE any pics of him naked? oh well whatever lost my train of thought there I think.

  5. I’m morbidly curious – did you actually make it a full three months without washing your hair?! What did it feel like; I can’t imagine that.

    1. Yeah sort of. Actually you were allowed to just rinse it in water, so I did. It got pretty limp but not disgusting or smelly. It never really cleaned itself though – maybe I didn’t wait long enough!

      1. I didn’t think of rinsing in water–that must have helped at least a bit. Years ago, my girlfriend tried the same thing. But, she didn’t play fairly. After a month, she shaved her head, which made it a lot easier!

        That reminds me of my experiment of using a mineral stone as deodorant. It worked great… for about 30 days, after that it was worthless.

  6. Seven Interesting Things about Me

    ********There are some putrid nail colors at the store and I cannot imagine purchasing them, let alone being the person who jumps up and down screaming, “Look I invented the pea-green soup nail polish! Can I have a raise?” I don’t wear nail polish and have found removing my contacts a lot easier the nub-chewed nails I have now.
    *******When it comes to saving money, I am a natural skimper. (That and I have to in order to survive!) I vowed not to spend any money for activities and family outings except on Fridays. Every weekend we would get a pizza and see a movie. For three of us it was roughly $200/mo. at $50 per weekend. This only happened a couple of times before I began dwindling down until only three months have passed and now we use Chef Boyardee Pizza dough mix and a movie from Redbox. We spend a little over $5 because really the entertainment isn’t the pizza, it’s us, right?
    *******Toilet paper. I know it’s an age-old argument of the correct way to install a roll; either exiting the top or the bottom. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive, but I argue that it’s not a disorder as everything is always much neater when I’m around. For example, if I visit you and use the utilities to discover your toilet paper “wrongly” displayed, I’ll fix it for you. No “thanks” needed.
    *******My children are the best. I have two of them and I raise them all by myself, except for child support. My dream is to one day be rich enough to take them off of their fathers’ payroll. Yes, I did say “fathers,” as they each have their own. I’ve been married though, twice, but not to either one of their Y-chromosome producers. Finally, after two divorces and two illegitimate deliveries, I believe I’m permanently cured of relationships.
    *******When I was a kid, we were so poor we never got to go to movies, or anything like that. Most of my entertainment was spent in a half-dark room making shadow puppets who never got along. Hmm, maybe this has something to do with my previous listing! I don’t know, but I can’t blame my parents.
    *******I’m always hearing that you shouldn’t blame someone else for bad things happening to you because there’s a valuable lesson you may not have learned otherwise. On that note, I’d like to thank my parents for my lessons of poverty. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how to survive in the conditions we currently live in.
    *******Animals? Love them, at least the pictures of them. Looking at shiny horses and well-behaved dogs is awesome, and even the occasional cat. But for some reason my allergies really perk up whenever I get within arm’s length of the hairy beasts, so for now I will admire them from afar. It would be hell spending my last moments of life in a kennel, sneezing myself to death.

    1. Those ARE interesting things. Nah, I wouldn’t wear putrid nail colours either. How come people who wear nail polish always seem to have chips in it. I would’ve thought it would defeat the purpose (of looking groomed and elegant). Are you really completely over relationships? I sometimes think I am too, at least, I’m not very enthusiastic about the prospect of having another one. But..I don’t know, seems the way the world should be, to have someone to cuddle up with. Too bad they’re always stupid or cheaty.

      1. When I stumble from the restroom in the middle of the night and trip over the bed, I hate listening for the snore in order to know where the front of his head is if he has a beard.

        You had made mention of bikini line rash after shaving? I have a really weird solution, but guarantee it works: eye drops. Somehow the solution takes the inflammation out of the veins causing eye redness, as well as inflammation of “other sensitive areas” that may be irritated. Give it a whirl the next time you find someone who isn’t dumber than a rock, cheats more than a soldier on leave, or just want to feel pretty.

      1. I like MEN, not boys who shave all of their glorious manliness off! I want to rub my nose in a hairy chest and SMELL my partner!

        Or maybe I’m just – you know – weird like that 😉

  7. ButI’mBeautiful, I love the way you accept awards – you’re so good with it. Congrats. On WP what goes around comes around goes around comes around goes around comes around… !

      1. Ha ha – “doing the right thing”s with my nomination. Oh, WHEN will someone do something perverse with it?!

        You’re just lucky you have a Mr F in your life, so take your time…. 🙂

    1. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a guy with back hair. I think I wouldn’t mind – it would feed into that gorilla fantasy I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind!


  8. In this festive evening sleigh let you bring the best wishes of happiness :joy, love and happiness.May happiness and blessings to you and forever stop by and follow .HAPPY NEW YEAR

    1. I am worth every cent. And YES, if you ran up to me at a playground I would say, let’s run amok!!!! xo Happiest of New Year to you. I still have no “fondness” or superstitions about New Year schtick … it’s a different number.


  9. OK, the concept sounds good . . . but believe me – – – “stop, wait a second, spit spit spit… dragging hair off my tongue … spit spit spit…. OK, where were we?” is REALLY not sexy to me! LOL

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