Here’s one for the team!

I love my tv, but when it is dead

I won’t send it to landfill, but recycle instead.

I won’t take my PC to a field and kick it,

For I know a recycler is the right place to stick it.

In an e-waste free future we will all dance and sing!

When they ask, ‘Who has brought us this wonderful thing?

This cunning, this complex, this courageous new Scheme?’

We will chorus, ‘But of course! The Waste Policy Team!’

And here is a realistic pictorial description of the recycling process, just to show you how well my understanding of the whole ewaste thing has come along all thanks to YOU!!

This tv is dead. It is no more. It has shuffled off this mortal coil. It is..well you get the picture.


A typical recycler


And the final product!!

1 Comment

  1. Hi Jane, I love you rpoem, it says it all. Great work from you all time round and hope to see you soon to fulfill my promise (the hair clip that I owe). Warmest wishes in anything that you are going to do. Be blissed, from nooreen.

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