Four Surefire Ideas to Grow Your Business!!

Ok, you want to be an entrepreneur!

But you don’t know where to start? What can you sell? I-Phones? It’s been done. Coral atolls? SO yesterday! Fake Gucci watches? They’ve already got it covered in China!


During our recent FACT FINDING MISSION to the Blue Mountains…..

Ms M and I thought up FOUR (well, it’s a start) BRAND NEW SUREFIRE GUARANTEED-TO-SUCCEED business startup ideas. Ok these ideas are kind of best suited to a folksy villagey sort of environment with big cliffs, but they can be adapted!

1. Sell hand-crafted poison chocolates. Lots of shops already sell the ordinary choccies that just give you headaches and make you fat. Strychnine-infused chocolates, targeted to the revenge-oriented consumer, will give lasting results, fast!


2. Genuine sheepskin hats realistically depicting human scalp conditions such as alopecia and dandruff.  Tourists will flock! Never be short of a conversation-starter again!


3. Cliff to Cliff Tight-Rope Experiences. White-water sky-diving – who cares! Move over, New Zealand.  All you need – some cliffs and some rope (preferably thickish but makes it more exciting if not).

4. Cars with wings. What? Why? So when your GPS directs you to drive over that scenic drop as a shortcut to your hotel, you can follow its instructions safe in the knowledge that Homer (or whoever it is you’ve got talking to you – OURS is Homer) knows best.



Happy Sunday everyone! Because Monday is coming!


  1. Love the pictures from the Blue Mountains, but Homer was really upset by your comments… And he told me he doesn’t want to visit you any more (sob)… But I would have loved to have seen you two when you realised where the silly GPS was taking you 🙂 I should have warned you not to trust it too much, as it’s done some doosies to me in the past (particularly never trust the speed warning thing).

    My favourite money maker is the bloke with the knitted beard looking thing, I’m sure that’s going to catch on around here, especially round winter time.

    Capt. Savage
    (A man on a mission, just waiting for the orders)

      1. Cheeky, I would have been a bit upset if Homer had have gone sailing over the cliff…

        Oh and I would have been upset about you and Miss M disappearing over the cliff too, just a little bit (especially Miss M)…


  2. OR, we could sell your gorgeous pics for a hefty fee 😉

    I don’t know … i like the knitted BEARD a LOT~

    Erm, knitted head-rugs for hair challenged men and women. Sheep hair. I’m cooking …. aaaaaaaa

    1. OR – we could sell YOUR gorgeous pics for a hefty fee. Actually, I would buy one, if I had money. I like the beard too..couldn’t find a fake bald head, though they do have them for actors and so on.

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