1. Thanks for your support, El Guapo! I’m working on it! Don’t forget to tell me if you’d like me to publish any of YOUR virtuous acts – happy to promote anybody else’s contribution to karmically improving the universe!

      1. Sadly, some days, my most virtuous act is not punching somebody.
        I did just contribute to a couple of charities important to other bloggers, but wouldn’t mentioning it deduct from the karmic points?

        I don’t think I have any to spare! 😉

      2. I don’t know any place in the Karmic Rule Book where it says you shouldn’t boast. I think you should mention it – maybe someone else will be moved to contribute to those charities too, thus earning you EXTRA points! And yeah, I have those days too!

  1. Captain, i saw the google spreadsheet. Whatcha doin? How do you get -7.

    I have 100,000 points you may want to know about. Rose, the KARMA QUEEN, stopped by iamnotshe to ask her how her old arse is doing. (I know you did it for other reasons) … i’m just mentioning that there might be at LEAST a +1 for checking on a friend.


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