The Karmic Challenge!

It’s the first Wednesday of the KARMIC CHALLENGE, and Captain Savage has challenged me to a duel to the death, the loser to become a slug.  This week, I am going to attempt to:

  • make my mother Creme Caramel. Usually I turn up to her place with frozen curry, so this is a pretty scary thing for me. Also, I will bring flowers, partly to cheer her up and partly in case the Creme Caramel doesn’t work out (I haven’t made it before).
  • say something seriously appreciative to someone I don’t like. It’ll be hard, but I’m going to ooze sincerity (because you don’t get karma unless you mean it).
  • pay compliments to strangers (not just the attractive ones either).

Captain Savage, in a frantic attempt to catch up, is going to do the following acts of stupendous niceness:

  • take his horrible colleague out to coffee (I hope he survives. Her, not so much)
  • eat only cruelty-free meat for a month (extra points if he can avoid baby animals)

Unfortunately CS starts with a handicap as he took someone’s parking space today – a wicked act which cost him 5 points.

At the end of the week, we’ll tot our points up, list our selfless acts, and post them. If anybody else does anything spectacularly karmic during the week, feel free to let me know and I’ll list THOSE as well.  Better than an award and much easier to get around to! (maybe)


  1. Ok Rose, being judge etc. means I have to fess up…

    Tonight I dined on a pork chop with vegetable and chips, not my most organic meal (the meat definately wasn’t). So this week for me has started as a bit of a disaster really, definately negative territory, so minus 5 for stealing a park, minus 1 for eating non-organic meat, minus 1 for well I’ll admit that in private… So far this week that’s minus 7… Lookout weekend, good deads a plenty… Plus next week (gulp) coffee with my worst nightmare (a colleague who frankly scares the hell out of me)…

    I only wish I’d known about this organic bit before I’d stocked my fridge/freezer this week.

    Karma, who thought it would be so hard to earn!!

    Capt. Savage
    (Slightly less organic than he’d been hoping for)

    1. you can do it next week! Btw, I bought the dogs lamb bones today – I sort of think maybe that’s not good karma, seeing as I never eat lamb myself. Do I lose points?

      1. Rose, I need every point I can get, so let me think… buying lamb bones and you not eating lamb, got to be minus some points… But from the view of your doggies it must be worth at least 1 point to each of them, cause they would love them.

        So (grinding my teeth a bit) I’d call it a draw.

        But this week I’m going to whip your butt… Max Karma points for CS for sure (or does that statement automatically cost me points?) BTW I didn’t visit my neighbours to introduce myself (more negative points), but did you go and have tea with yours (hopefully not)? I’ve arranged to have dinner with my brother on Anzac day, does that count for points?


      2. I didn’t either, there wasn’t really time today! But yeah, I think you’re def doing better than me! Not sure about brother..would you? You should have SEEN how long me and F cooked for mum on Saturday though!!

  2. Some of us just shed ineffable lightness of being all the time, and so have 2,000 trillion points each week to donate. Can I give CS a few million as starting capital?

  3. Crap, my comment just got de-karmized!

    FUNNY stuff … take fresh fruit, don’t set your hair on fire with the broiler! Good luck with mommy-cums.

    Parking space takage (oooo, big negs for steeling parking) In Chicago it’s a death wish 😉

    However, according to karma, dear Captain, my Captain, someone must have robbed you of many a parking spot.

    Getting ahead is hard work. xo melis

  4. Good work on your first week, Rose! Captain Savage doesn’t stand a chance against your saintliness. I’ve challenged a couple of my office mates to a very specific little Karmic Challenge. It’s just focused on loving, helping and accepting our disruptive, disorganized, unfocused colleague (who can send each of us over the edge within minutes). Baby steps: points just for looking up and smiling as he walks by!

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