Why is the sky blue?

Actually, it’s for the same reason as you have misted up windows in toilet cubicles. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but toilet windows hardly ever have normal see-through glass in them, they always have sort of fogged up glass, so people can’t look in from the outside and see things that might shock them. Well, whoever made the sky obviously didn’t want us looking straight through it into whatever is beyond – what we might perhaps call the Divine Bathroom – so they made it blue. Otherwise, you’d just be able to see straight through all that air – which is completely CLEAR, obviously – to, well, the universe. Which is NOT your business. THAT’s why the sky is blue.

Anybody got any other ideas? After all, this IS the most asked question on Google today….



  1. Ok I give up, why is the sky blue? But why would you make a toilet with see through walls? and what if you forgot to press the little button and everyone could see you? Brilliant ‘only in France’ invention, I suppose it’s what you’d expect from the capital of the outdoor urinal!!!

    But actually, no I just can’t let this go… My inner scientist or is that Google-ist just can’t resist… This sky is blue because,




    THank you again Rose, you have helped me satisfy my inner nerd 🙂

    Capt. Savage
    (Google-aholic from way back)

  2. You’re kidding, right? This is the most asked question on Google today (yesterday)? Thank God i was home sick and sobbing in my doggies fur. (Missing doggy’s fur). BOO HOO.

    Anyway. i have no fucking idea why the sky is blue, but ti’m glad when it is. Why oh why is the sky gray today … that’s what i want to know?

  3. LOL. Great explanation. But now I’m a little freaked out about the ginormous beings existing outside this planet with the sky as their bathroom window. 😛

  4. ok. So now we really believe you failed chemistry and physics. Actually, I had a hotel room with a clear window in the toilet, and a main road almost immediately outside. But that was in a nosy country. I think HP Lovecraft is the go-to man for what lurks on theother side of the sky.

    1. I think you’re right. About everything. But come on, don’t let Lovecraft have it all his own way, surely you’ve got some ideas of your own! (discounting those boring scientific ones which I do NOT want to hear about).

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