Nearly done…phew, won’t eat THAT again!

His nom de plume is Trailer Trash.

I get the vibe he’s short of cash.

He has one kid or maybe more,

An ex who hightailed out the door,

He writes, and jokes, and thinks, and curses,

Much better than I pen these verses.

He sometimes feels sad, and cross, and counts his woes.

How can this be? He has a happy nose!

With charming honker and such witty, well-turned prose,

A cuddlesome, clever, and devoted wench can’t be far behind –

Or so predicts the faux-fur gypsy Madame Rose.

With apologies to Trailer Trash and his nose. Sorry. I just LIKE noses like that.


  1. Oh, these just keep getting better and better! I love these lines: “He writes, and jokes, and thinks, and curses/Much better than I write these verses. I’m off to meet Trailer Trash for myself!

    1. Impressive output, almost like you have Poet’s Tourettes, keep it up and you’ll have enough material for your own Poetry Slam 🙂

      Capt. Savage
      (Just following orders)

  2. Too funny. This was very nice, though I would certainly disagree with any mention of brilliance anywhere near me (but thanks, that’s nice too). And I certainly appreciate you wishing me well in the lady department–we’ll see about that. She doesn’t have to be devoted, though of course I would expect that, but clever, yes that would have to be there, or forget it (unless it’s just a lost weekend, then charm and pretty lies are really all that’s needed from her).
    Perhaps in your world travels you will want to stop by the Mount Rushmore State sometime. Not to worry, this is not an invitation to a date (not that I would hate that at all), but a cup of coffee, tea, or something and some blog talk would be great fun.
    Thanks again.

    1. Is it actually called Mt Rushmore State? or is that just me being ignorant about the US? Yeah, I’d love to go there again (I’m from Oz), as I went once but didn’t see much really, owing to being stuck in a boyfriend’s flat most of the time. I like how articulate Americans are though – Australians are generally kind and sweet but good talkers we are not. Except me of course. I do intend to go back one day, so thanks for the cup of tea offer, sounds good to me! Likewise if you ever make it to Oz (when fame overtakes you, as I’m sure it soon will). I’m glad you liked the rhyme, it’s a sort of virtual hug, cause you don’t whinge – which I like – but life can be a bit disheartening sometimes.

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