Feelings are our enemies!

Feelings are our enemies.
They hide on roadsides and in gullies
Like Iraqis.
They rush out and scalp you
Like Sioux.
They plot and trap you
Like Renaissance bishops.
They sneer and sidle,
They cut with their cruel knives
They leave your raw heart smeared and pulsing on the stones.
They say “Look how people hate you!”
And “Who is SHE” and
“What are YOU.  Nothing,that’s what YOU are.
Go on, jump then, why don’t you.
Nobody gives a stuff.
Don’t listen.
Eat them, keep them in your belly with the bile,
And hope the slow digestive juices
Turn them into the shit they are.


  1. EWWWW. thats where my feelings get stuffed OFTEN in my bileous (sp) stomach. Well, that’s a step up from spewing all over a bathroom wall.

    Damn i wish i could react rationally. that’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Sometimes i can do it, sometimes i can’t … and TOO many times those damn feelings run my wee world. So go to Bile feelings!

  2. I love the image of the ambush. So true! I was reading the other day about the difference between emotion – those universal experiences of grief and joy and rage – and feelings. Feelings, this author was saying, are created from all the extra crap we attach to the emotion: the story we make up, the guilt or shame we feel about experiencing the emotion, all of that. If we could just step away and experience the emotion without anything else, we’d be so much healthier. (Not that I’ve any great success with this strategy, but I’m passing the concept along…)

    1. That’s an interesting view. I’ve never thought of it like that before. I kinda think emotions and feelings are the same, though..we all wish we didn’t have pain and suffering in life, so we try to weasel our way out of it one way or another, but being human, we can’t – and if we could we wouldn’t be human. But it’s human to weasel, too (so to speak). Anyway if I ever find a way to turn off my emotions/feelings at will, I’ll let everyone know what it is (I’ll add it to my new religion).

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