You come from nothing, you go back to nothing..what have you lost?


I was once having a drink with ‘the girls’ at work and one elderly woman (who’d lost her only daughter, been dumped by her husband, and brain-damaged in an accident) dropped the following remark into the conversation:

“Oh, I don’t matter, I’m nothing.”

And she was serious. That’s just about the saddest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.

When I’m god, I’m going to take a few minutes out of my busy day (smiting people, giving Ke$ha a full beard, and fitting evil dictators up with Mickey Mouse ears) to hug people like that and say ‘I’m god, and you matter a lot to ME’. Of course, I could do it now…but that would be embarrassing.

I’ll also hand out a lot of awards, like ‘The St Sebastian Award for  dodging slings and arrows, the St Augustine Award for thinking a lot about sinfulness while sinning your arse off, and the St Francis Award for being sweet to animals including those big hairy spiders that sit on your wall and eat bugs.

And talking of awards, Iamnotshe has given me ANOTHER one – which I’m proudly going to stick up on my wall – thankyou again, Iamnotshe, for liking my stuff! – and pass on to five people in the blogging sphere who I think are just great.

1. My best friend Captain Savage, the manliest man ever to write an occasional blog post (which includes a hilarious and frightening video of a guy throwing a rock into a washing machine).

2. Lonely Girl Travels, who bravely travels where no single woman went before,writes funny things about it and takes good sunset pictures.

3. DO I really wanna blog? It’s a good question and about time someone asked it. 40ish Aussie mum with a devilishly handsome husband, about life and stuff (and wine).

4. The Beggars Blog. Lots of porcupines in trees. Why? I don’t know but they look sweet (probably someone sadistic put them up there.)

Fingers Crossed. Every woman has the exact love life she wants, says Fingers Crossed, and she has a point.

On a different note, if I could lie around all day bonking, eating cinnamon toast and reading novels would I be fulfilled?  Yes!!!!

I mean no! – it would feel ….pointless.  It would be like being given a nobel prize for nothing (like Barack Obama).  I would be lying there thinking, what’s the catch?  Because life, to feel properly lived, has to have a price tag on it, even if you only put it there yourself.  The ‘price’ isn’t necessarily money, it’s a measure of your value as a person – and my value as a person is, I can write (well, anyway, I can spell, usually!).

The fact that I have created something in words, whether anyone reads it or not, means that my life has a VALUE beyond the endless series of ups and downs, momentary pleasures and frustrations, and parade of ditzy men.   Current price tag – $3.99 or an output of words to that value – what’s yours?

Anyway like it or hate it, nobody is going to do anything about it (life,  that is) but you.  There is NO fairy godmother, Cinderella.  You either stay in the cellar cleaning up the peas like a good girl, or you get yourself to that ball and ROCK.
But then again, maybe there is a point –  proving to yourself that you really are SOMEBODY.  Because if you’re oogly-woogly worm, life certainly can seem pointless (no matter how much sex you’re having).


  1. I am so with you, Cinderella!! We all need to access our inner Fairy Godmothers, who if we actually listen, will tell us to get off the couch and get to the ball (preferably in something shiny and low cut).

    And as for value, I look forward to your posts. They make me laugh and inspire me. Thank you.

  2. Hi Bella,

    Well I feel obligated to nominate you for a Liebster Award, because apart from totally enjoyting your posts, you are also a source of personal motivation and enjoyment for me 🙂 Now I know you occasionally go to my page, so I won’t tell you to do it any more than you already do. But I am hoping you will see the quality of my work improve, but feel free to comment on it (as you already do!!!) You know the Liebster rules, but for other refer to for the rules. Jen from Iamnotshe sets it out so much better than I ever could. Keep it up, ciao and grazie!!!

    1. I don’t know that you can nominate the award-er back! that’s cheating. On whose part, I’m not sure, but… Have a look at Dotty Headbanger, she has a great idea – make up your OWN award. Yours should be for extreme manliness. Which I guess means you shouldn’t give it to any women.

  3. I LOVE your stuff. I am so glad i get to read your blog. Your award acceptance cracks me up. You are sincere, and hugely funny. OK, i nominate you God, ok? If we can’t do that. .. we’ll pass the blog award around. I like your pic … we’ll use that for passing on LOVE LOVE LOVE to the poor lady who said she is nothing. That is so sad. Unacceptable. BIG HUG TO THIS WOMAN wherever she is. She is HUGELY something.

    All right then. Accept your awards, awards, etc. And keep posting funny, human, kind, witty stuff. It’s a Blog Law. 🙂

    1. Thanks, that must be the kindest thing anyone’s ever written to me! I kinda think someone else’s accepted the award for God, know I think we might make a better go of it ourselves. That woman, well I don’t know her any more as I moved jobs, but it’s so hard to actually say to someone you don’t know well, hey, here is some love and a hug, you ARE something. Maybe, with more maturity, I could think of a way now. Plus to a mother, losing your kid/s is the most horrifying prospect ever and if it happened to me, I’d find it very hard to keep on living – so sympathy if offered has to be very finely judged. Ps I love your blog too. I think it’s very important to let people know what it’s like to struggle with an ED like that – plus you’re bloody funny!

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