And a big thank you to…

An award!  How very nice!  However, it’s taken me ages to work out what to do with it – apologies to nominator – because I’m not very technically inclined and also am a bit lazy and disorganised.  BUT – now I have!

So first I wish to thank the talented and beautiful I Can’t High Five, who very kindly nominated me – thank you High Five for being a sweetie and you know what they say, practice practice practice!

Next, I’d like to pass the award on, like a particularly delicious hot potato, to another blog I really liked for its honesty and open-ness  –

My Pathetic Attempts at Love – and LonelyAngel, I just want to say –  they’re not at all pathetic, or at least, you’re in real good company (and lots of it)!

And some other blogs I thought were hysterically funny, actually, and here they are!

Ginger Fightback (Who among us can’t say we weren’t ginger at one time!)

Mike is Relatively Happy (relative to..well, not me, because I’m VERY happy) AND

Fifty-four and a half (because I soon will be too, and because I like lawyers. Yes. I admit it.)

Shine, Finding the Delicious Beyond Divorce. Ok, it’s not humorous but to anyone who’s ever looked back when they kind of didn’t want to but kind of resonates.

Happy blogging everyone, this is definitely easier than the Oscars and you don’t even need to wear a nice dress!


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7 Responses to And a big thank you to…

  1. iamnotshe says:

    Congrats, and btw, you’re up for Sunshine Award … check my post when i put the damn thing up!!! 😉 xoxo melis

  2. iamnotshe says:

    OK beautiful, you’ve been nominated for ANOTHER award … so go get it and follow the RULES girlie @ Strict – ass rules 😉 xoxo melis

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