Support a lazy person TODAY!!

I don’t like work.  I haven’t liked work for a long time. Well, ever, really.  It’s a horrible waste of time which keeps me from far more productive activities (productive in the sense of everything else but money) such as sleeping, resting, writing, more sleeping, reading, patting my dogs, looking at birds, lying down, and sex, followed by more lying down.

In my journey through life, I’ve gathered that lots of other people share this dislike of work.  So, you know, how do we STOP it?  Well, I have a cunning plan.

Everybody who doesn’t want to go to work, gives everybody else who doesn’t want to go to work, enough money to live on so that NONE of us have to go to work!

In other words, a sort of pyramid or ponzi scheme, only more oblong than pyramidal, come to think of it.  Hmmm.  Maybe not.

Ok, here’s another idea.  How about everybody who DOES want to work, gives money to those of us who don’t want to work.  This will achieve several useful results.  Firstly, the people who DO want to work will get to do our various jobs (which will make the industrious among us, who are not gainfully employed, very pleased). What’s more, they’ll enjoy them, which is more than we do.

Secondly, those of us who don’t want to work will instead hang around producing things of great beauty to edify the rest of the population (in exchange for their work).  Sometimes these things will be very simple – for instance, the naive but touching pleasure that my boyfriend will get from seeing how angelic I look while I’m sleeping.  Sometimes, more universal in nature, like, well, blog posts, random but deeply insightful thoughts, aimless scribbles, doodles, cheerful little songs, that kind of thing.

Thirdly, dogs and cats everywhere will be happy and loved up.

Who wants to make the first donation? could just be inspired by this beautiful SONG!


  1. I’m in! Although i don’t mind sitting up to paint, or play with dogs. I just prefer not being bossed around! I’m in charge!

    1. Yes, it’s such a fantastic idea I don’t know why noone’s thought of it before..hang on, isn’t that what the social security system is all about? Thanks for stopping by and here’s to NO MORE WORK!!

  2. Love this! (One other thing: those hard workers, the ones who actually want to work, will have the additional benefit of feeling wildly superior to we lazy louts on our couches).

  3. well done… if you ever decide to run for political office on the back of this platform (lets face it, politicians only line their own pockets) I’ll support you whole heartedly (when I wake up from one of my many numerous naps that is) and as a side note Butterfingers rocks…

      1. You could call it the pyjama party and call your party meetings “sleepovers” where you all eat chocolate and watch chick flicks…. (all wearing flimsy nighties) … now that would surely attract a lot of male voters…

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