Who should I kill today?

Re my NR resolution to be more rational – it’s just occurred to me that irrationality is totally rational, in its way. Ergo, I should stop railing against the rest of humanity for being irrational and instead be thankful they (we) are. Irrationality is there to stop us doing things that are completely rational on an individual level but maybe not very nice.  And, you know, do I really want to be known as Not Very Nice??

Like, for instance, killing people.  The FBI says that if you murdered someone in 2010  you had about a 68% chance of being caught, in the same year.  That is, about 32% of murderers in 2010 got away with it for the time being.  So if you plan your murder intelligently, make sure you don’t go down to the local pub and scream ‘I’m going to kill the son of a bitch’, and don’t compulsively visit the scene every fourth of July to have a picnic on the shallow grave, you’re probably in with a good chance.

Ergo, if you do feel like murdering someone (and I personally don’t, much, it’s too messy) – say you decide the world would be a better place without so and so in it – and you’re not dumb – then you really can.

What stops you?  Irrational fears, like jail and the electric chair, and baseless emotions such as fellow feeling, squeamishness, guilt, etc.

Killed 900 people. But at least he was well groomed.

Or let’s say it’s you or the baby. There’s only enough food/room for one of you.  Your rich boyfriend doesn’t like kids.  You know you can have another one any time in the next twenty years (another dozen, if you stick at it). So the rational thing is to ditch the baby. But you don’t, because you ‘love’ it. Individually, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. But then love doesn’t (as I’ve noticed, in my long amorous career).

What to do? Modify my NYR? Or embark on a career as a serial killer?


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